Normal tonight

By: Diane Benjamin


The government in the Town of Normal is not limited. Koos and company think they can create prosperity. Meanwhile the first floor of 1 Uptown Circle is STILL empty and the Trail East building will be a story shorter.

I’m not going to blow everything disturbing on tonight’s agenda – just three:

The McLean County Arts Center is in BLOOMINGTON, not Normal. Why is Normal doing anything? I can guess:

See their 2019 tax return here:

Go to PDF page 7.

I believe that is the wife of Greg Koos, Chris’s brother. If the mayor doesn’t recuse himself from this vote he will prove is a corrupt politician. This is only on the agenda so they can get more grants, their designation needs reapproved.

The Uptown mural now will not be moved. Trail East will incorporate it into the new building. It will be inside where it may or may not be visible to the public.

What if the tenant doesn’t want the public traipsing through their space? Maybe that space will stay empty like the one across the street then you can stare at it through a window.

Obviously AFNI is the company that dropped out. Normal is subsidizing ISU again, good thing it’s down to $6 million now.

I hope Wayne Aldrich enjoyed his retirement party:

You paid for it!

If Wayne Aldrich is now retired, why you citizens paying for his membership in the Illinois Society of Professional Engineers?

Could that be because the Town is going to hire him to oversee the underpass construction? $100 and hour? $200 an hour? More?

Obviously he should be paying his own bills since he isn’t a Town employee anymore. Common sense among the “professional staff” doesn’t exist.

Doesn’t forget One Normal Plaza is also on the agenda:








2 thoughts on “Normal tonight

  1. It will be very interesting to see what happens to Normal’s budget next time we have a recession. It will not be pretty for the taxpayers.

  2. I hope that the staff in normal is making sure in their building requirements that they leave plenty of room out front of the new building for lots of picnic tables

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