Carol Koos represented the ACLU Monday night

By: Diane Benjamin One of the Public Comment speakers at the Bloomington City Council Monday night was Carol Koos. She stated she was representing the ACLU and their view of the license plate reading cameras on the agenda. Just hit play below to hear her comment. Meanwhile the ACLU is suing some states for gerrymandering […]

Bloomington Library FACTS

By:  Diane Benjamin Information is harder to compare now that the Hales’ City Manager Reports are history.  Instead of transparency, he posts bits and piece of data and I have to put it together.  I imagine soon the bits and pieces will disappear because tax increases are much easier when government claims they need more […]

Another ELITIST comes forward

by:  Diane Benjamin I’m surprised anybody is still publicly supporting Modified Wards since former supporters are now in hiding and changing their stories (, but another Letter to the Editor appeared in the Pantagraph today. The writer, Carol Koos,  is trying to sell Modified Wards on the 4-votes talking points.  Rob Fazzini has already made […]