Another ELITIST comes forward

by:  Diane Benjamin

I’m surprised anybody is still publicly supporting Modified Wards since former supporters are now in hiding and changing their stories (, but another Letter to the Editor appeared in the Pantagraph today.

The writer, Carol Koos,  is trying to sell Modified Wards on the 4-votes talking points.  Rob Fazzini has already made it clear he wants to be At-Large to deal with the BIG issues.  He has no interest in handling the “little people” complaints.  Will the other At-Large Aldermen want to deal with citizens?  Do you want to take that chance?  Your own alderman will be representing almost twice as many people, how responsive will that person be to your issues?

The remaining supporters of this Power Grab are out of ideas.  They first tried to sell it as “transparency”, that one didn’t last long since it’s laughable.  They won’t discuss the increased cost of running for office after Fazzini reportedly said it should be more expensive because people will want the job more.  He tried to back-track that one, but sorry Rob it was printed in the Pantagraph for all posterity to see.

Nobody has said how the new wards will be drawn and by who.  Nobody has said when this will be effective.  Nobody has talked about court challenges that could tie the City up for years.

In other words, NOBODY should vote YES!

More on Carol Koos:

  • Wife of Greg Koos-McLean County Museum of History and past president of the Downtown Bloomington Association
  • Sister-in-law of Normal Mayor Chris Koos-where all alderman are At-Large
  • Guess who was a past president of the McLean County Museum of History?  Rob Fazzini!

Can everybody say:  A cabal is trying to steal your representation?

6 thoughts on “Another ELITIST comes forward

  1. Well, I’m just shocked! News flash Carol Koos, (Chris Koos’ sister-in-law) supports modified wards in Bloomington!!!! She was, after all, one of the circulators of the petition.

    While we’re at it, let’s just complete their playlist.

    Future letter writers will include:
    Jamie Mathy
    Rich Buchanan
    Patsy Bowles
    Jesse Smart
    Linda Stockton

    Anyone else want to place their wagers? We’ve got about a month to go.


  2. I think she was also a former board member of the League of Women Voters. Carol Koos ran and lost to Judy Stearns. Maybe she too as her eyes et on a at large seat as well as Jamie Mathy. Which begs then questions are they pushing this for their own interests or those of the people?


  3. The problem I have with the “4 votes” argument is that now I have way more work to do. Instead of researching/getting to know two or three candidates for my alderman, I will be dealing with a minimum of four (everyone is unopposed). More than likely I will be choosing between many more than four.

    Then, when I need to hold someone accountable, instead of having just one person, I have to work with four different people. I don’t see how that is going to improve accountability and involvement by the citizens, but then again that looks to me to be the point of modified wards.


    1. The point that everyone is missing is that we already have this. There are times when I deal directly with my ward alderman, but other times I contact the entire Council. Sometimes I contact aldermen individually. There’s nothing stopping anyone from approaching members of Council. There’s nothing new in this proposal other than the fact that you can now vote for these people which by itself is a problem. Everyone’s business is no one’s business. These at large alderman will NOT be accountable to the people, but to special interests that will be driving the show more than already are.

      Say whatever you want to about the Bloomington City Council, but I’ve enjoyed a very amicable relationship with many of the alderman over the years. We don’t need modified wards to accomplish this. We need more citizen input, holding leaders accountable. The Modified ward system will not accomplish that goal.


  4. As a flaming liberal, this may be one of the few times I agree with the writer. This is nothing but special interests & the east side trying to gain an advantage. I’m voting NO for at-large.


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