Fly on the Wall: Snow removal for some

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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Drive in downtown Bloomington and by Wesleyan University and the streets are in great shape!

Meanwhile, residents can’t drive in their neighborhoods because the roads are solid ice.  One resident, finally fed up with calls to the city, posted a video on Facebook of the City truck finally arriving and being unable to make it down the street.  She reported the City wasn’t happy she was filming because a City pick-up arrived shortly after.

Oh, this resident missed 2 doctor appointments because she couldn’t get her car out.  Can anybody say legal trouble for the City if anything bad happens to a citizen because medical help can’t get to them?

But the precious downtown area and Wesleyan are just fine.  I wonder why?






6 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Snow removal for some

  1. Maybe there is a procedure that dictates roads frequently traveled (which would include downtown and IWU) are high on the priority list whereas residential areas aren’t … ? I don’t know.

    1. The video appears to have been created DAYS after the last snow. I’m sure some streets are a higher priority than others. Evidently a lot of the less traveled roads are still in bad condition. How are everybody else’s roads?

  2. Listen up webstaff, we can’t be pushin’ no snow for all the peeps cause we got $75K studies to pay for to figure out where to put lighting, spend $16 mil to make Miller Park an accredited Zoo, build hotels (no idea the $) next to failing anchor arenas. We wanna spend at least $27mil on a new YMCA that we don’t need to replaced so we can raze the Market Street garage that we failed to properly maintain. Soon the city manager will need a limo, driver, and personal assistant. We got priorities! Don’t give me none of that stuff about open and well maintained streets will produce much needed economic activity. Just pretend you’re livin’ off the grid and get over it! We don’t need no cars on the road any how so get on your bicycles and ride! Geesh, some of you people act as if it is your own money.

  3. Yes mudd! Let’s hurry over to Vitesse and get our winter bicycles…………………..that cheerful Mayor Koos will be so proud!

  4. have the lady who missed 2 doctor app. call a taxi, for a round trip back home, ( if Renner has the money for a hotel, he’s got the money for a cab !!

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