Mayor Renner still in denial

by:  Diane Benjamin This morning Mayor Renner was on WJBC still denying he had anything to do with the Modified Wards referendum. Once again Mayor:  Are you lying or is Rob Fazzini: Look for more lies to come as the budget debate goes forward.  Mayor Renner will try to blame City Manager David Hales for […]

In case you forgot:

By:  Diane Benjamin The local press doesn’t care that Mayor Tari Renner still wants you to think Modified Wards is Rob Fazzini’s idea.  Renner acts like he has nothing at all to do with it.  Either Renner or Fazzini is lying: Don’t forget the other names listed either! Who do you think is behind the […]

Fly on the Wall: Fazzini

Alderman Rob Fazzini should get a gig at a comedy club! Today he has a Letter to the Editor stating the current Ward system is broken because pensions aren’t funded, street and sewers aren’t being fixed, deferred maintenance is mounting . etc . etc. etc. Rob:  Aren’t you on the Council now? Rob:  How many […]

Attorney General is for the CITY to IGNORE

by:  Diane Benjamin In November I filed another Request for Review with the Attorney General’s Public Access Office.  It concerned Aldermen Fazzini, Fruin, and Black PLUS Mayor Renner  conspiring together to put the Modified Ward referendum on the March 18th primary ballot. I have NUMEROUS documents outlining their strategy and meetings.  They thought they had […]

Which is LYING? Renner or Fazzini

by:  Diane Benjamin Mayor Renner assumes that citizens can’t read.  The email below clearly shows Renner and Fazzini working together to write the petition for Modified Wards. One of these guys is a liar! You deserve to know which one.  Listen to Mayor Renner on Cities 92.9 this morning.  Notice the date on the email […]

Another ELITIST comes forward

by:  Diane Benjamin I’m surprised anybody is still publicly supporting Modified Wards since former supporters are now in hiding and changing their stories (, but another Letter to the Editor appeared in the Pantagraph today. The writer, Carol Koos,  is trying to sell Modified Wards on the 4-votes talking points.  Rob Fazzini has already made […]

Fazzini doesn’t care!

by:  Diane Benjamin The League of Women Voters has a history of being on the wrong side of issues.  I remember discussing ObamamCare on Facebook with a member before it was passed.  The League supported ObamaCare and so did the member I discussed it with.  I wonder if they have changed their minds?  If not, […]

Say it together: “Hypocrisy”

by:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday there was a fascinating Letter to the Editor in the Pantagraph by Mike Matejka.  He came out against the March referendum for Modified Wards! It was only a few months ago Matejka helped Rob Fazzini craft a different Letter to the Editor in support of Modified Wards: Is Matejka running a […]

Urbana rejected At-Large seats on the Council!

by:  Ben Gosser You did it!  Urbana voted “NO” to at-large by a resounding margin — 63% to 37%. In fact, we defeated at-large in 20 out of 23 Urbana precincts. This is very similar to the last at-large referendum in Urbana, when the voters overwhelmingly converted the school board from at-large to districts. That vote […]

Bloomington: Did you know?

by:  Diane Benjamin The agenda for City Council meetings is set by Mayor Tari Renner and City Manager David Hales.  The Council members have NO input as to what is on the agenda.  They might ask for something to get put on, but their chances are pretty close to ZERO. The bull being spouted in […]

Wow! What Bloomington needs is 7 new Alderman!

by:  Diane Benjamin Another Letter to the Editor today supporting Modified Wards.  Has the writer ever been to a Council meeting? Evidently not!   SEVEN alderman do nothing but lap up anything David Hales says, ditto with any ideas by Mayor Renner.  I’m surprised they don’t have a foot kissing session before every meeting.  Most […]

More Liberty Thieves today!

by:  Diane Benjamin 2 more Pro-Modified Ward Letters to the Editor in today’s paper!  I wonder if they can keep the letters coming until March, the support group isn’t very big, so they will either run out of their 1 letter every 30 days or start making up new names! I could write a book […]

Liberty Thief #3

Diane Benjamin I’m pretty sure the Pantagraph spelled a letter writer’s names wrong today:  James Ginzkey.  Ginzkey is another downtown lawyer-personal injury. He makes a BIG false claim in his letter, I’ve heard Mayor Renner make the same claim:  Modified Wards are spreading nationwide.  There are some cities in Illinois with Modified Wards, but much […]

Liberty Thief #2: Darrell Hartweg

by:  Diane Benjamin Add this name to the list of supporters for Modified Wards.  Sunday, Darrell Hartweg and wife had a letter printed in the Pantagraph supporting taking away your personal representation on the Council. There seems to be  pattern emerging – Citizens get FOUR votes instead of just one.  Evidently, you are supposed to […]

Exposing the local power brokers

by:  Diane Benjamin This is going to be fun!  Every Pantagraph reader will be able to see for themselves who values your right to be personally represented on the Bloomington City Council and who wants to steal it! First liberty thief:  Carol Reitan. The spin used to get you to vote YES on the Ward […]