More Liberty Thieves today!

by:  Diane Benjamin

2 more Pro-Modified Ward Letters to the Editor in today’s paper!  I wonder if they can keep the letters coming until March, the support group isn’t very big, so they will either run out of their 1 letter every 30 days or start making up new names!

I could write a book on today’s writers but it’s getting old.  If somebody asks you to support changing the Ward system ask them this:

How can you support a plan founded on lies?

Renner lied about being behind it –  he is still lying

Fazzini wanted to sell the plan as transparency

Fazzini wanted to call it grassroots –  sure 1 mayor and 3 aldermen are very grassroots

All we need now is the Pantagraph’s support – can’t wait to hear their spin.  






6 thoughts on “More Liberty Thieves today!

  1. As for grassroots, get a hold of the petition and then tell me, Mr. Private Citizen Fazzini, just how grassroots it is!

    If you want to talk about liberty thieves, then take a look at the circulator(s) of the petition. It’s quite telling.


      1. You can get a CD from the Bloomington Election Commission of the petition. They’ve gone to paperless files. Circulators have to get their signature sheets notarized, 12 names max per sheet. The majority of the signatures were obtained by private citizen Rob Fazzini, nearly half of them when you include the help of his daughter. One of his sheets is not notarized. Three of the circulators live in Normal, not Bloomington, including Maureen O’Keefe, co president of the McLean County League of Women Voters.


  2. The referendum has had a purpose through out our history. The main reason has always been a way for the people to keep government in check. Now we have government (Renner, Fazzini, Fruin, Black promoting the referendum to make Government more powerful and less accountable to the people. I laugh as one of the letter writers used the term “Fear Mongering.” Keep in mind these are many of the same people wanting the city to take action based on the Fear Mongering of Global Warming.


  3. Boy!! The Raiders behind the modified ward system will try everything to convince voters to pass it with lies !!, now a Letter to the Editor, claims the 25 year drought that has been keeping our water supply low is caused by not having the modified ward system. !! Craig Cummings !! did you hear that,how about it Rob Fazzini ?


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