Bloomington: YOUR land is at risk!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Last night the Bloomington City Council held a Committee of the Whole meeting.  The hot topic was using a program by the International City Mangers  Association to rate City services.  Nobody could say what the cost would be.  Nobody could say why comparing Bloomington to cities in California or Georgia was a good thing.

Mayor Renner and David Hales are HIDING the truth from the citizens.  If the name “International” didn’t tip you off, maybe some posts right off their website will:

When you hear Sustainable Development this is what it means:

The concept of sustainable development arose after the 1974 United Nations adoption of a Declaration for the establishment of a “New International Economic Order” .

The document was written by developing countries and called for:

• The regulation of multi-national Corporations
• Authority to nationalize foreign property
• Authority to establish commodity monopolies
• The transfer of technology and technical assistance

The document showed clearly that the delegates to the U.N. General Assembly accepted the idea that governments should virtually control the economy. That equity was the primary objective. This document was largely ignored by developed nations. But many of these U.N. Delegates took these ideas to other U.N. conferences.

For example, the 1976 U.N. conference on Human Settlements (Habitat I).

Here is an excerpt from the Preamble:

“Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market.  Private land ownership is also the principle instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth, and therefore, contributes to social injustice…”

Sustainable development is illustrated to depict the proper balance between social equity, the environment, and economic development. Note that what is called sustainable is the perfect balance between policies related to these three all-encompassing areas of life.

Mayor Renner used to work for this organization! 

You must question WHY your City is involved on any level with a group who thinks private property rights mean nothing.  Normal already proved they mean nothing – they used eminent domain  to take properties they wanted for Uptown.

The City video taped last night’s meeting:

Obviously many alderman have no idea who they are dealing with.  David Hales put the maximum spin on what they are proposing.  Performance Measurement was proposed as a way to measure the City’s success.  Evidently local government isn’t capable of telling if the streets are good, if pensions are funded, if fire response is good, if the police show up when called, etc. etc.

Where are they taking Bloomington?  Browse the ICMA website.  Your land rights are under attack and your representatives don’t see it coming.  There are terms to describe complete government control in the name of Sustainability.  None of them are good.

Your future depends on you informing your alderman.  Demand they drop ICMA in the name of private property rights and local control of government.  International policies have no place in Bloomington Illinois.

One more note directly from the ICMA link above:

Despite the Senate’s refusal to ratify the Biodiversity Treaty in 1994, the Agenda 21 policies called for by the convention, are being implemented nationwide. No matter where you live, rest assured Agenda 21 policies are being implemented in your community.

This international group couldn’t get Federal laws to implement their agenda, but locally is no problem.






10 thoughts on “Bloomington: YOUR land is at risk!

  1. I’m lost on why these have anything to do with the city of Bloomington, and who is proposing the adoption of these values…

  2. It is quite obvious that Renner and Hales are working in tandem to further the global warming scandal on the citizens of Bloomington. As usual, Bloomington is ten years behind reality. As glo-bull warming might actually be a mini-ice age on the way, the fools who can’t keep up with the times will continue foolishly in their attempts to lead the lemmings.

    1. It’s MUCH worse than that Mudd! This organization is trying to sneak world government into local communities. We’ve been using International Building codes for years, now they want international government codes.

      1. Yes because it’s clear that Diane has a PhD in Environmental Science and is much smarter than 97% of scientists who say that global warming is a very real threat.

        1. No, I actually read and think for myself! Want a list of 100’s of scientists who don’t support the claims? How about the Founder of the Weather channel? Please use your brain, it’s common sense.

    1. WHOAOAOAOAHA! 31,000 scientists! That’s a pretty big number … if you think there’s only 50,000 scientists in the world!

      Thank Jesus there’s only a small bunch of crackpots like you that can stare reality directly in its face and say it doesn’t exist. Makes me want to reevaluate my atheism.

  3. Matt S.,,,I’m sorry but you appear to be lost. I think you mean to be at the pee-graph comment section where the ignorance of closed minds and lies are the standard rule of thumb. Please note however that any change on your part to engage in meaningful and respected debate would be welcomed.

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