Congrats again to the Bloomington Police!


One thought on “Congrats again to the Bloomington Police!

  1. We live in the 800 block of East Jefferson. When you go just one block east or just across the Constitution Trail heading east it becomes a totally different neighborhood. When we bought our house 13 years ago our neighborhood was just as nice as across the Constitution Trail but the last several years with homes around us being turned into apartments and being rented to ex-felons, drug dealers, Chicago thugs, gangbangers on section 8 housing and city assisted living it is not a good neighborhood. I told Mayor Stockton, city manager Hales and Police Chief McKinley several years ago at a neighborhood watch meeting at Attwood Station on the Constitution Trail that if the good citizens did not get some help to stop the corruption then these good citizens will leave and more of these bad elements will move in and that is exactly what has happened! Let’s just say, when I refer to our neighborhood, I always emphasize the word “hood.”


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