Liberty Thief #3

Diane Benjamin

I’m pretty sure the Pantagraph spelled a letter writer’s names wrong today:  James Ginzkey.  Ginzkey is another downtown lawyer-personal injury.

He makes a BIG false claim in his letter, I’ve heard Mayor Renner make the same claim:  Modified Wards are spreading nationwide.  There are some cities in Illinois with Modified Wards, but much of the nation is reverting to EQUAL WARDS because any form of government other than what Bloomington currently has is: 


Currently every citizen of Bloomington is represented by 1 alderman.  The proposed change means each citizen is represented by one alderman, who also represents MANY more people than current aldermen.  Each citizen will supposedly be represented by 3 more – but they aren’t going to care about your individual needs or ideas.  They want to only deal with big issues!

What will prevent the far east side from electing a mayor, 3 At-Large Alderman and another 1-2 Ward Aldermen?  The West-side will get nothing.  The south side will get nothing.  Maybe Normal will pick up the North side.

These At-large Alderman will be just like the people who have supported this attempt to take away your representation – the local elitists.  They consider themselves way too valuable to be just an Alderman, ask Fazzini.  He’s a banker, one who constantly wants to spend more, borrow more, repeat!

So far the list includes:

  • 3 sitting Bloomington Alderman
  • Bloomington’s Mayor
  • former Normal mayor
  • 2 downtown lawyers

If you want 3 alderman who have the sole goal of spending your money, then vote for Modified Wards.  If you think the citizens of Bloomington deserve EQUAL representation, defeat these elitists in the March primary hard enough to send a clear message – HANDS OFF my representation!







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  1. Fazzini was the victim of a “Point By” by an unknown citizen who was summarily thrown out of the Chambers by the Chief of Police.

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