Liberty Thief #2: Darrell Hartweg

by:  Diane Benjamin

Add this name to the list of supporters for Modified Wards.  Sunday, Darrell Hartweg and wife had a letter printed in the Pantagraph supporting taking away your personal representation on the Council.

There seems to be  pattern emerging – Citizens get FOUR votes instead of just one.  Evidently, you are supposed to believe the 9 alderman now on the Council only care about their little corner of the City.  They aren’t capable of tackling the big issues.  That’s why the local elitists want At-large Aldermen.  A City of almost 80,000 people is just too difficult for the 9 Council members to manage, according to Hartweg!  I wonder how Schmidt, Sage, McDade, and the others who have yet to take a side feel about being called inadequate?

Review Part 1 to see why voting for 4 is a BAD idea:

So, who is Darrell Hartweg?

Besides being a rich long-time lawyer, he is the past President of the Chamber of Commerce.  He added on to his downtown office building and got $140,000 in tax relief for doing it.  He lives in a mansion on East Washington, but recently he tried to get the speed bumps removed from Country Club Place.  Evidently he likes traffic taking a short cut through the Country Club properties instead of travelling on East Washington.  He must think he has the power to change traffic!

In short, he is a consummate east side insider.  If Bloomington votes for Modified Wards, this is what you are going to get.

So far, here’s the Modified Ward supporter list:  former Normal Mayor Carol Reitan, Darrell Hartweg, Aldermen Rob Fazzini, Jim Fruin, and Scott Black plus Mayor Renner

Are you getting the picture yet Bloomington?  The taxpayers of Bloomington are being assaulted by elitists who want to see high taxes and more spending.  They want to see A LOT of money spent downtown, at the zoo, and maybe the leftovers can be spent on roads and pensions.

If you love how the Normal City Council buried their citizens in debt and never disagree on anything, you will love Modified Wards.

It’s up to you to make sure your friends and neighbors are informed and at the polls in March!




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  1. Voters , !! lets defeat the modified Bloomington City Council ” plans get out in the March election and VOTE IT DOWN !!

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