Modified Wards-League of Women Voters

Keep in mind:  This group thought ObamaCare would be a good thing!  Maybe they can redeem themselves this time.  LWV is also in favor of a progressive income tax, instead of eliminating income taxes like other states, they want to play Tax the Rich (  One of their Co-Presidents, Maureen Okeefe, circulated petitions to get this on the ballot!  I hope she isn’t planning on participating!

Consensus Meeting:
Modified Ward System
For the City of Bloomington
Monday, Feb. 3 at 7:00 pm
Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Bloomington

The consensus question is exactly what is on the March 18, 2014 primary ballot in the City of Bloomington:

“Shall the City of Bloomington elect part of the councilmen at large (3) and part of the councilmen from districts (5) with staggered four-year terms and biennial elections? Yes/No”

The study committee will report their findings from interviews with persons who are both in favor of this referendum and persons who are opposed to it.

The committee is also doing other research. Then we will hold discussion among League members who wish to speak.

The League Board of Directors will determine if consensus is reached. If it is, we will be able to advocate for our program position.
Please try to attend this important League meeting next week. The public is invited to attend. Only League members (no matter where they live) may speak and take part in consensus.People may join the League prior to the start of the meeting.

3 thoughts on “Modified Wards-League of Women Voters

  1. Keep in mind too that co president Maureen O’keefe was one of the circulators of the petition to get this on the ballot. She doesn’t live in Bloomington, by the way. Her address is in Normal. This will be a good show.

  2. The League of Women Voters need to make public the possible conflict of interest with its Co-President Maureen O’keefe’s involvement in circulating the petition.

  3. Normally the League decides which issues to study for the year in May. This is an emergency meeting for them as they are under a time crunch on the modified ward issue. Don’t be fooled on this. The one who is driving this is Rob Fazzini. I’d bet you a dollar to a donut the League comes out in favor of this. Their opinion doesn’t really mean anything. Just look at their track record and they have about as much credibility as a Pantagraph endorsement.

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