Interesting things about a Unit 5 hopeful – Update

The Unit 5 School Board is recommending Hiring Dr. Mark Daniel.

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by:  Diane Benjamin

When I find interesting things about the candidates Unit 5 is interviewing, I will share them.  This post is about candidate Dr. Mark Daniel.

From December 6, 2013, letter to the City Council from the Mayor of Dowagiac, Mi:

Shared Services with Dowagiac Union School District
This week school superintendent Dr. Mark Daniel and I discussed additional ways the City and School can work together in ways that can save taxpayers money and enhance services that each of us provide. As I reflected on our discussions, I was reminded just how many ways the City and School have worked together over the past three-four years. We have shared fuel facilities, shared offices, worked together to reopen McKinley Park and Huston Field for the neighborhood, developed a long-term plan for continuing the school resource officer, shared an employee on an interim basis and are working together to jointly use and maintain a Russom Park baseball field.

I look forward to the elected officials and staff of the City and School continuing to work
together so that the resources that are used as economically as possible.


Dr. Mark Daniel has experienced the worst possible thing to happen at a school:

Home-schooled teen shoots himself to death at Michigan school he used to attend

This happened in June 2013.


Dowagiac Michigan is a very small town, but the school district covers a large area:

Dowagiac Union Schools “At a Glance”
The school district consists of 170+ square miles
Enrollment in 2013-14 includes 2,298 students ECSE – Grade 12
Union High School – 656
Dowagiac Middle School – 505
Kincheloe – 272
Justus Gage – 315
Patrick Hamilton – 279
Sister Lakes – 239
Alternative Education – 32




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