Questions for Common Core – Update

Update:  Many states (including Illinois!) notify DC they will NOT share student data

Click here to see the letter:  Letter_RE_FedData


by:  Diane Benjamin

Below is some interesting information on Common Core.  I have questions that haven’t been answered anywhere.

Common Core is presented as benchmarks, not a curriculum.  How exactly can test scores fall?  Either the children are being tested on material they haven’t studied or they don’t understand what is taught.  Either way, how is this good education?

Next, if you ask Unit 5 and District 87, they will tell you Common Core hasn’t cost anything to implement.  They were both test sites, so it could be true now.  What about in the future?  This site is a pro-Common Core site, but even they talk about the cost of testing and implementation.  What is the truth?  If the future of education a lot more expensive, but the citizens haven’t been told yet?

What’s next for Common Core?

Implementation of the Common Core State Standards has just begun in many areas and has yet to start in others. The new standards face a number of unresolved issues and obstacles, including:

Indeed, some critics — and even a few concerned supporters — have advocated delays or revisions based on feedback from the classroom, before fully implementing and introducing new tests to get these challenges resolved.

The road to Common Core has many uncertain twists and turns ahead. Whatever the outcome of the debate over the new standards, the reality is they are already changing the workings in many of our nation’s schools. At GreatSchools, we’ll do our best to keep you informed as we set off on this new educational path. In the meantime, learn GreatSchools’ point of view on the CCSS, and the 7 questions you should ask your teacher about Common Core.





2 thoughts on “Questions for Common Core – Update

  1. The New York Teachers Union board that represents 600,000 teaches has recently come out against common core. The boards vote was unanimous!

  2. I didn’t know much about Common Core education, just what Diane has brought out through the BLN News. A friend of mine who was well informed about it sent me this documentary on Common Core. After watching it I have become much more aware of it’s dangers to the future of our children and family as a whole because it ties right in to Obamacare:

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