Which is LYING? Renner or Fazzini

by:  Diane Benjamin

Mayor Renner assumes that citizens can’t read.  The email below clearly shows Renner and Fazzini working together to write the petition for Modified Wards.

One of these guys is a liar!

You deserve to know which one.  Listen to Mayor Renner on Cities 92.9 this morning.  Notice the date on the email – NOVEMBER!


So which one is lying Mayor?


Then there is this Fazzini email:


Note point #4

4. Perhaps our IWU Interns could work on the language for the petitions and coordinate getting copies for collecting 1,200 signatures.

Fazzini doesn’t have interns, but Mayor Renner does – on the City payroll!  Were interns used Mayor Renner?  Did they do research for you?

Below is a link to most of the emails I received under the Freedom of Information Act, note Tari Renner is  copied on most of them, along with Jim Fruin and Scott Black:

Emails obtained under the Freedom of Information Act

Here’s an even better email.  David Hales is a City employee.  Fazzini has claimed the he, Jim Fruin, and Scott Black are working as “private citizens”.  Involving David Hales was illegal!

Robert Fazzini to: ‘Tari Renner’ 10/12/2013 08:26 AM
Cc: “David Hales”
The three of us should plan to get together early next week to discuss the following:
1. Township Assessor transition.
2. Pension Policy.
3. One Voice trip.
4. Visitor Center in the History Museum.
5. Modified Ward system and the League of Women Voters.
6. Neighborhood Next Door opportunities.
Perhaps we could do this either before or after the scheduled meeting with John Tornquist at 2:00 p.m. on Monday. I am available either before or after. How are you schedules?
Robert B. Fazzini

So who is lying and why?






6 thoughts on “Which is LYING? Renner or Fazzini

  1. I just took a late lunch and listened to the 92.9 interview. Never mind the ward restructuring process and who is lying for a minute. I had to listen to the downtown hotel spin again. The mayor seems to believe that once the McLean County History Museum gets funding for a Route 66 Visitors Center, then the demand for people to visit downtown Bloomington will increase and we’ll suddenly be able to fill all the rooms in the new hotel. Are you kidding me? I listened to this twice and that’s what I got out of it. Fazzini’s been pushing the Route 66 Visitors Center for a long time. Now I see why.

    1. Lol! Their agenda is to destroy the history of Business Route 66 otherwise known as the Main Street Corridor with Doug Farr(side) ideology and still they expect people to visit the “historic” route! It might be time to contact the fellas in the white topcoats to examine the fruitcakes!

  2. I recall a Forum during the election for Mayor and City Council Candidates at the Laffeyette Club and Mayor Renner was asked a simple question: ‘Does the Ends Justify the Means?” Unfortunately, I think we now know his answer to that question.

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