Attorney General is for the CITY to IGNORE

by:  Diane Benjamin

In November I filed another Request for Review with the Attorney General’s Public Access Office.  It concerned Aldermen Fazzini, Fruin, and Black PLUS Mayor Renner  conspiring together to put the Modified Ward referendum on the March 18th primary ballot.

I have NUMEROUS documents outlining their strategy and meetings.  They thought they had a sure-fire way to seize more power.  I wanted the Attorney General to review their actions and make a decision on the legality.

The City was contacted by the Attorney General’s Office and asked to respond.

The City totally ignored the AG.

You can see the second request sent to the City today from the AG here:  To Bloomington from AG

Don’t fall for the false Renner lines about being transparent, open and honest.

It a good thing Modified Wards is looking more and more dead.  All Fazzini’s former allies appear to have turned on him.

Make sure you get out and vote on March 18th.  Let’s see how bad Fazzini and clan can be defeated!







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