Mayor Renner still in denial

by:  Diane Benjamin

This morning Mayor Renner was on WJBC still denying he had anything to do with the Modified Wards referendum.

Once again Mayor:  Are you lying or is Rob Fazzini:


Look for more lies to come as the budget debate goes forward.  Mayor Renner will try to blame City Manager David Hales for the $11,000,000 increase and 17 new employees.  He will act like he had no input on the budget.

Taxpayers are expressing their outrage to the Council.  If you haven’t yet: [email protected]

They will approve the new spending and personnel unless you stop them.  The power is in your hands.

Ask Mayor Renner and David Hales why they want to add more pension expense to the already seriously underfunded pension system?  Are they trying to bankrupt the City?

Sounds like a Tom Hamilton re-run.





3 thoughts on “Mayor Renner still in denial

  1. With that email from Fuzzi, the poof is in the pudding! Either Fuzzi is delusional and didn’t know what he was talking about or with his “Mayor Renner and I” comment Tari knew exactly about the plan to modify our ward system.


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