UPDATE: Tari hasn’t changed

The podcast will be available here by 5:15 pm. You need to hear what Tari said about Mboka. https://www.cities929.com/2022/06/05/the-steve-suess-show/

By: Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner was just on the Steve Suess show. He hasn’t changed. Nothing that spews from his mouth can be believed.

The tragic news is he hasn’t ruled out running for mayor again. The library remodel and water park that will only be used a few months a year are his vision. If you run into him thank him for the tax increases. Of course the garbage fees are Tari too, but that’s not the point of this story.

Steve had Tari on to talk about the possibility of Wards for Normal. The discussion got around to the effort in Bloomington for Modified Wards – Tari claimed he didn’t take a position on it since he hadn’t been mayor for long.

I guess Tari still hasn’t figured out I had a mole inside his cabal. I knew every move Renner, Rob Fazzini, and the rest were going to make because my mole attended your meetings.

For proof Tari wasn’t a bystander to the attempt to create super-aldermen, see this story: https://blnnews.com/2014/03/19/mayor-renner-still-in-denial/

Tari Renner is still the same liar he was when he was mayor.

I’m sure the podcast will be available on Cities 92.9 eventually.





6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Tari hasn’t changed

  1. I listened to it. The discussion was mainly about the ward system in Normal and the logistics of how they it would be done with the University. Tari says with a ward system there would be 3 students on the council as a result and they are mainly transitory and really not that involved in local political issues. I dont want to put words into his mouth. It actually was an interesting interview and I have zero love for Tari. I thought he did a terrible job as mayor.

    Talking about modified wards in Bloomington he didnt really get into it much. Just he may have brought it up but as a new mayor didnt want to take on too many issues at once.


    1. Jim, Renner wanted to change Bloomington’s form of government from CM/Council to “Strong Mayor” not just a change to modified wards. Under CM/Council, the Mayor only has veto power, not voting power. Renner wanted more power and influence.

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  2. How many students are on the Bloomington City Council to represent IWU?
    I think he’s trying to stir up unnecessary doubt.
    And why the heck does Cities give him a sounding board. Isn’t WGLT, The Pantagraph and WJBC enough?

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  3. Renner is a pathetic, insufferable wannabe climber whose only “constituent” is himself. I’m sure some of his coin is being spent on a publicist/assistant trawling for interviews (coin, that is, that isn’t buying gas for the red, look-at-me, little-man mobile). When someone has to try that hard there is definitely something wrong them. He’s a textbook narcissist who shouldn’t be near any public forum or office.


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