Bloomington Tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll:

If using accumulated sick time to spike a pension was eliminated, what is this? This is spiking pension(s).

Why the Bloomington Election Commission needs eliminated, the elected County Clerk should run all elections instead of unelected bureaucrats:


PDF page 95: Looks like a Public Hearing on how CDBG Funds were spent last year. Usually nobody from the Public shows up to speak.

PDF page 129: New labor contract for unionized library employees

PDF page 132: Council will approve “categories” for spending ARPA funds.

PDF page 180: New Ward maps will be decided. Staff is presenting 3 of the original 5.





2 thoughts on “Bloomington Tonight

  1. Pension spiking is not allowed for cops, firefighters, or teachers. It’s never been allowed. IMRF, which is the pension fund for administrators and HR, have always been able to spike their pensions, and still do to this day. Under current pension and City rules, a firefighter or cop can cash out sick time, and it goes to a HRSA, and is NOT pensionable.

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