Need more reasons to get your kids out of Public Schools?

By: Diane Benjamin

The State of Illinois made Social Emotional Learning Standards the law. Every teacher will be trained in these methods. It’s all about “how you feel” and then creating activists. Illinois learning standards are already poor, educating students to read, write, do math and and science isn’t the goal of any public school.

These standards start in Kindergarten. Some sound like common sense, read down the goals for each grade range. By goal 3 you will see the kids are supposed to plan social change even though they do not have the life experience to do it. They are teaching kids what to think instead of how to think.

Search Social Emotional Learning for more information. Your kids get ONE chance at an education. They deserve better.

11 thoughts on “Need more reasons to get your kids out of Public Schools?

  1. The very first goal for 3rd graders – The formative skill that all the other skills are based on.

    Identify emotions using photographs (happy, sad, angry, proud, afraid, surprised, etc…).

    How do you identify the emotions of your peers or teachers when they have a mask on?

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    1. Don’t even get me started on these stupid masks. If they try that again this fall I truly hope at least 50% of parents take their kids out of school, not just threaten, DO IT. That means no “remote learning” either.

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    1. Because way too many are either bamboozled by the illusion that schools educate kids or they truly have not even one tiny morsel of actual knowledge of what goes on in public schools now. Many don’t even realize that their kids can’t even read simple books when they are already in 4th or 5th grade because the grades the kids get show that they doing fine or at least ok. Thus, they just keep right on sending them to the indoctrination centers with their new backpacks and whatever else the school says they “need”. Kids from village schools in India who often share books and have only paper, pencils and pens and the teachers have only a blackboard or white board perform on par or even higher than kids from ultra modern city schools in the USA. The American public schools spend way too much money on needless crap along with the needless crap they indoctrinate these empty headed little students with instead of teaching them anything. Yes, i’m a little testy today, and disgusted with how ignorant so many kids are now. They also can’t do anything practical unless it involves some sort of “device”.

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    1. People have spoken at school board meetings about Comprehensive Sex Education and the National Sex Education “Standards,” but not nearly enough. Too many parents have NO IDEA about any of this. Most of it is implemented behind the scenes and introduced to students in the classroom with zero parental notification or involvement. Which is exactly as the Superintendent and School Board want it. The more the parents know, the more furious they’ll be. Please get to the next school board meeting in August and bring parents of students.

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  2. People wonder why we have a pandemic of mental illness, especially among the young, best exemplified by the marked increase in mass shootings. Public schools are a significant contributor. (Side note: please don’t give them more money so they can do a better job contributing!)
    Each student is told they are the most important person in the world, worthy of a trophy just for gracing us with their presence. But most know that cannot be true, because the classmate next to them is the most important person in the world – they have the trophy to prove it!
    Each student is told that the most important part of them (the most important person in the world) is their feelings. But that doesn’t change the fact that not everyone likes them. Or that (Fido, Fluffy, Grandparents, W College Critter) died. Or any of a gazillion thing where reality doesn’t align with grade-schooler feelings.
    And we all know that the sky is blue and trees are green, but they are told that they are horrible, hateful people if they don’t say red, yellow, gray, brown, etc. And they know the sky isn’t Always blue, nor trees Always green, but they also know they aren’t mean and hateful just because they give the most obvious answer first.
    They also realize that people and teachers that are supposed to be teaching them are more interested in confusing them, and parents and other people who are supposed to protect them from abuse are forcing it upon them.
    So is it any wonder that kids that are purposely raised to be unstable end up unstable?

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  3. Public school was bad int he 80’s and has gotten progressively worse. Our teachers started merging in self written books and threw them by our class and the characters were gay men. Noone said anything but we were their “captive” audience. Looking back it was a sick thing to do but now common place. Lots of folks make money off writing books, publications and using the kids.They call it s “safe space”. Deceitful but gains their trust.

    Not many folks can pay for private schools or tuition but the mentality and administration and stragety and even state and county level mentality and money grabs are both exploitive to taxpayers and children/students. I pray that changes, more taxpayers speak out and the system does too.

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