League of Women Voters is impartial! Not a chance UPDATE

by:  Diane Benjamin

The LWV claims they have done an independent review of the Modified Wards referendum on the March ballot.

Was Maureen Okeefe involved?  She is a co-president of the League.

She also helped Fazzini get petitions signed!

and she lives in Normal – NOT Bloomington

You can see the petitions here:  PETITION PUBLIC QUESTION filed 12-16-2013

Notice Fazzini was so desperate to get this on the ballot,  he got a lot of the signatures himself.

The League claims they talked to the Peoria and Champaign Councils because they have Modified Wards.

Did they bother to ask if Bloomington government works like Peoria and Champaign?

Do Peoria and Champaign  aldermen contribute more than the 7 potted plants on the Bloomington Council?

Are Peoria and Champaign aldermen allowed to put items on the agenda?

Maybe their aldermen do more than shop on-line during Council meetings. (Yes one member of the Bloomington City Council was shopping during a session, hide the Ipad next time)

Did the League research cities being sued for discrimination for having At-Large aldermen?

“The League of Women Voters is nearly 100 years old and we have been doing studies educating voters on political issues that whole time,” she (past President Phylis Versteegh) said. “We have a very strict process when we conduct a study and we’re following all of those rules.”

Phylis Versteegh also got petitions signed!

I wonder if their investigation found Mayor Renner hiding his involvement.  I wonder how they feel about 3 sitting alderman involved too.

Are they desperately trying to justify taking representation away from the people?  They supported ObamaCare, so nothing they determine would surprise me.

It would surprise me if they came out against  the referendum though.




12 thoughts on “League of Women Voters is impartial! Not a chance UPDATE

  1. This whole post seems misdirected. Why don’t you, for instance, since you ask so many questions, direct them to those best able to answer? There’s a novel idea!

  2. That is true web staff………….and that is why FOX is fair and balanced showing both sides while the CNN (Communist News Network) and MSNBC (MSLSD) is totally left-wing biased. The left-wing Liberals never play fair but as Conservatives we must. Your right! 😛

    1. FOX News as fair and balanced? That is the most absurd thing I have heard in quite some time. Hell, even most conservatives recognize it as far from neutral.

      Chuck, I would love to engage you in a serious discussion, but I know you would be the child your comments suggest you are.

  3. Well madboy, it appears by your rant that you are a dedicated Democrat. I think Bob Hope hit the definition of a Democrat on the head back in 1940, in a movie he stared in called “The Ghost Busters”

  4. Much dialogue has been volleyed regarding this Ward referendum and the involvement by the LWV.
    A little research indicates that the LWV have been quite active in the past in several of these efforts. However, in their process to inform and/or educate, it seems very little fact has genuinely been disseminated regarding the reason or necessity for wanting or needing such a system as they usually propose.
    One factor that seems a common thread in those cities and towns the LWV support these issues in are those communities that tend to be in the early or middle stages of implementing smart growth, or sustainable type communities.
    I do not find it at all coincidental, random, or wholly disconnect that this mixed/hybrid system is attempting to be foisted on the citizens of Bloomington at the same time as a brand new smart growth, sustainability oriented Downtown Plan has just been approved and that the City is attempting to update its Comprehensive Plan by a Chicago group that creates sustainable/smart growth communities.
    The timing of the at large effort and its support by the LWV wreaks of conspiracy.
    The Liberal Press

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