Fly on the Wall: Fazzini (again and again and again and . . . .)

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I know all – I see all
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I was just buzzing around the City of Bloomington website.  Guess what I found?

Alderman Rob Fazzini is the ONLY alderman without his phone number listed on his City Council page:

I think he is taking this public servant thing way too far!  He’s definitely right there when people in his ward need him.  (providing you can wait for him to check his email and get back to you)

Maybe he declared himself At-Large and therefore doesn’t have to deal with the little people.  Maybe he already quit!








4 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Fazzini (again and again and again and . . . .)

  1. Somewhere along the way it seems that some elected officials lose sight (and meaning) of the “representative” concept. It also seems that Alderman Fazzini falls squarely into that category (although not the sole member of the local club for doing so).
    It’s difficult to imagine a LOCAL representative not listing a contact phone number that constituents could reach them at. How would you justify that? What would be a legitimate reason not to list your telephone number? After all, you were elected to do the job of the those who elected you. Consider this: My boss hired me to do a specific job. My contract was for 4 years. Afterwards, once I had the job secured, I decided to do other things that I wanted to do and not the job I was hired to do. Not only was my boss furious with me but so were the other people I worked for. So to keep from hearing their complaints, I delisted my phone number so they couldn’t call me – I really didn’t care what they had to say anyway, and, it wouldn’t have made a difference. I would still do what I wanted.
    So, let me ask you, am I the kind of worker you want working for your company?
    The Liberal Pressed

  2. P-waste article quoted Fuzzy as never having any intention of running for a 2nd term as alderman under any system. Is Fuzzy moving ?

    1. Here’s my prediction. The ward restructuring will be defeated and Fazzini will declare victory because he “gave the people a choice.” He will then resign his seat so that Renner can appoint one of his people to fill it. He will not serve his full term. Mark my word. As for him moving there’s rumors that’s already happened and that’s what his ward remap is all about.

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