Vision Zero

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember this story about ZERO deaths or serious injuries by 2030 from automobiles?

Instead of calling the program Vision Zero, the McLean County Regional Planning Commission renamed it Go Safe.

The purpose of this NATIONWIDE push is to make driving harder. You will be forced to drive at slower speeds instead of speed limits being enforced. The roads will be reimagined to make even driving the current speed limit impossible.

This is called progress

It will cost a lot of money meaning less money for essential services people expect – like not having sewage in your basement.

Of course MCRPC will find grants because this is what State and Federal government wants to waste money on. Of course matching funds will be required. Below are two recent stories from Missouri.

Kansas City:

More Kansas City:


America was founded on the belief citizens could govern themselves. Big government that grows every year means government tells you what to do. Remember how the budget exploded when Tari Renner became mayor? He, like all democrats, believe government is the solution to all problems. Bloomington citizens are paying more and getting less.

Wake up – government creates problems! People don’t have sewage in their basements because government is capable, dependable, or actually care about individuals.

This program should be tossed in the garbage forever! Citizens need to quit voting for progressives. They only care about NEW, not maintaining what they have. They are responsible for gifting the West Side with a $12 million water park instead of just the pool they needed. How many people in that area have sewage and dirty water in their basements?

A water park will make it all better! Too bad the area kids will have to be subsidized to afford to go there.

12 thoughts on “Vision Zero

  1. Can we get some data here?
    How many bikers and pedestrians have been killed at a crosswalk in Bloomington in the last 10 years?
    What is the risk/benefit?

    Maybe its time the government issued plastic bubbles to walk around in when we go outside.
    Has Covid made them all nuts?

    1. Yes covid HAS made them all nuts/nuttier. I had one shriek at me a few months ago when I asked her just when she thought that the masks could be tossed and things could get back to normal and she shrieked (yes shrieked) at me “It can go back to normal when people stop getting SICK!!” I replied, “So basically you mean never then, because some people are always going to be getting sick.” and she said (with obviously elevated blood pressure) “Well if it’s never then it’s never maybe normal wasn’t so good after all, we have to protect LIVES” I told her that the survival rate for people under age 60 was around 99% and that like 95% of all deaths were people over 80 with one or more co-morbidity. – she wasn’t fazed, she still wanted EVERYONE masked and social distancing and preferably staying home as much as possible.
      “They” have taken FULL advantage of the over hyped crisis just as Dead Fish advised them to do years ago. This is all the way from towns to federal levels and wherever the LEFT is in charge. They simply have to somehow be rooted out of everywhere.

  2. Ask everyday Peorians, firefighters, EMTs, and police how they like the curb extensions installed at the corner of Main and University Sts.

  3. This is a program to keep the Hile Group afloat. The Hile Group is owned by public transit board member Julie Hile. Both she and her husband are appointed to gvt positions by Kris Koos. Paying a transit board member to consult on a transit project in the same jurisdiction is a conflict of Interest, hugely corrupt. No one cares that this is happening.

    1. The transit board is chock full of old line happy clappers ( buchanan)
      and mailable suck ups ( whitehouse) – these huge oversized busses run around empty and these grifters just keep using the program as an employment agency for their minions. When is anyone gonna call BS on the Connect Transit scam ?

  4. Also, I want to add that slowing down and making travel by any means more difficult, more expensive and slower is another one of their visions – for us, the peasants, not for them. The would prefer us all on our little bikes, walking and only traveling in our immediate areas – sort of like they have managed to corral the Chicago people and the people in many of the suburbs around Chicago and how many seldom if ever leave the confines of their metroplex unless it is for their approved 1-2 week vacation. I have seen this done in many European countries – many people simply can’t afford to go anywhere so they don’t. The public transport costs in London for example are prohibitive as well unless one stays within their own zones. Slowing the once efficient interstates will be seriously worked at as soon as they have slowed down the ants in the anthills. I foresee them wanting governors being placed on all vehicles eventually that top out at like 55 mph max. Electric cars are part of all of this as well, never think for one minute that they are not.

  5. there was a bike vs vehicle accident yesterday a block east of the library, BPD was on scene for hours.

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