Bike vrs Car

By: Diane Benjamin

A week or so ago a reader made a comment about a bike vrs car accident somewhere near the library. I’m not a reader of local news, so if this was reported I didn’t hear it.

I FOIA’d information, I had to pay $5 for the Illinois Traffic Crash Report.

I’m the first person to admit I am Map Challenged. Don’t ask me for directions or even have me use an app to find where I’m going. My brain isn’t wired that way (might explain a lot). The only directions I can give that will make sense is to my house.

This pic is from the Crash report:

At first glance it looks like the biker had a stop sign, but the biker and the vehicle were both on Gridley going in the opposite direction. Unit 1 made a left hand turn in front of the bike.

The driver of blue vehicle was given a ticket for failure to yield. Numerous witnesses said the biker had the Right-Of Way. The Unit 1 driver said she saw him but thought he was stopping.

The biker was riding a gas powered bicycle. He did fly across the hood of the blue vehicle damaging the hood and the windshield. He was treated and released from a local hospital. The bicycle had a lot of damage.

It could have been a lot worse. I could post the names, but there isn’t any need to do that.

I received Incident Narratives written by police officers numbered 1, 3, 4, 5, and 7. No idea what happened to 2 & 6.

This accident does prove Vision Zero is junk. People make mistakes. Government plans will never fix that problem.

In case you missed it:







13 thoughts on “Bike vrs Car

  1. Everywhere there are expensive bike lanes in Florida. Do you see people riding bikes on them…..almost never. They use the sidewalk to avoid risking their lives. Maybe they should have just widened the sidewalks.

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  2. When is the last time you saw a bike stop at a stop sign now they have electric power so they can run the stop signs faster. Motorists beware! Also be careful on the side walks of uptown or you will get run over by a cyclist

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  3. Bikes are supposed to obey stop signs and traffic laws. I will admit when I am riding I will slow at an intersection and continue IF there are no other cars. If there are other cars I stop and take my turn like other vehicles. At constitution trail crossings vehicles should stop for pedestrians in or entering the crosswalk. Cyclists should stop and wait for traffic to pass.

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    1. You taught you kids wrong. Side walks are for walking. Bikes belong on the street. I shake my head when I see adults riding on side walks.


      1. Nothing wrong with riding on the sidewalk, so long as you keep in mind that in so doing, you Never have the right of way. Ride carefully, and when appropriate switch to the street, ride in the grass, or just pull over. I know not all bikers have good manners, but some of us do.


      2. Many cities have laws against riding bikes on sidewalks. Uptown Normal has signs posted prohibiting riding bikes on sidewalks. Proper lights and a rear view mirror and you are safe for the road. I can provide many examples why riding a bike on a sidewalk is unsafe if needed. If you feel unsafe riding a bike on a road sell the bike and stay home. This is for adults. Kids I understand.


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