Bloomington: Tonight’s fleeces

By: Diane Benjamin

Proving yet again the citizens are not allowed in the closed Connect Transit cabal, Judy Buchanan is being reappointed to the Connect Transit Board. She has already served for 12 years. Didn’t she want to retire when Renner was mayor? New members aren’t allowed evidently, they might find out it only exists because elites want the federal and state bucks. How many Council members will vote against her?

The Council is finally back to meeting in person, but not in the old council chambers. They will be in the same room at the Government Center where County Board meetings are held. Nothing authorizing this move has ever been on an agenda, the City has just been quietly moving lots of operations to that building. The County and the City co-own it.

The Chateau lease of the Conference center owned by Bloomington taxpayers is also on the agenda. This is another one of those corporate giveaways from long ago, it had been leased for $1 a year.

The PIN # of the hotel is 14-26-401-007, the Conference Center is 14-26-401-008. The assessment for property taxes can be seen here:

Keep in mind the assessment is supposedly 1/3 of the actual value. The hotel assessment is $1,009,382. The conference center assessment is $333,533.

That conference center assessment means it is worth over $1 million. On the agenda:

So, the City of Bloomington wants to sell a $1 million asset for $350,000.

I wonder how attorney Jeff Jurgens gets around the law:

PDF page 49. The City will pay a former police officer $158,128 for a knee injury that ended his career. He was injured in 2018 struggling with a suspect.

The only big item on the agenda is the IT STRATEGIC PLAN

See PDF page 106 and following. Instead of the plans being a mystery until after the presentation, it is included in the packet.

The only thing missing from the 44 page presentation is the cost. It has a multi-year implementation.







5 thoughts on “Bloomington: Tonight’s fleeces

  1. The Strategic Plan compliments of Agenda 21 and lackey politicians that fall in line for a few pieces of junk metal or threats of blackmail for previous devious behavior.

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  2. Can’t wait to hear the pie-in-the-sky vision for the Chateau hotel and conference center. Wonder what the latest friend of government huckster will peddle. There are several hotels with conference centers in the Twin Cities that are never close to full occupancy. Normal won’t give up the Rivian business travelers to Bloomington, as they are currently keeping the Uptown taxpayer-subsidized hotels afloat…barely. Does anyone have a guess as to what the big plans are for the Chateau?

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      1. The old Jumer’s in Peoria has been turned into independent living apartments. My aunt used to live there and really liked it.


  3. A great story would be the reason Luke Maurer had to get disability — hurting his knee then being ordered back to work before it was healed. Then doing the permanent damage. All because PD admin ignored his medical records. The truth is out there in a FOIA I bet.


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