Unit 5: Explain this

By: Diane Benjamin

The below is from an email announcing Institute Day for Teachers. Look at who sent it and what the teachers are TRAINED to teach:

When kids are divided by race you are teaching the teachers Critical Race Theory so they can use it in the classroom.

Nikki Mauer thinks she has white privilege. Evidently she never studied or worked hard to be where she is:

5 thoughts on “Unit 5: Explain this

  1. The text they are using is Courageous Conversations about Race, specifically “what is required to engage in discourse”. Then Nikki sets the ground rules for the “discourse” – white folks – be quiet, “your feelings don’t matter”, “your opinion is not important”.

    What if this was how a marriage counseling session was set up?
    Would that relationship be mended or would that marriage end shortly after the session was over?

    Where are the examples about how this kind of training has improved race relations? Show us where it has worked.
    Put your hand down white person. “Just be quiet”, says Nikki. “your feelings don’t matter.”

    These people are trying to pound everyone into their progressive broken morality mold.
    This approach will not heal, it will destroy.

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  2. Nikki, move to Venezuela, you anti-American, communist traitor and resign from this criminal organization! Take Trevor Chapman with you!


  3. So basically what is claimed to be bad for others is okay to turn around and blame it on another race and therefore punish them for their ancestors learning experiences of trying to right the ship. Ignorance abounds with these CRT people.

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  4. The Chicago DSA and CPUSA have done well weaseling its way into the BN leadership infrastructure. The task was quite easy knowing it had a population at its disposal that was scared of its own shadow and frightened of being called racists by a gang of life’s losers. Not being liked or not being part of the BN enlightened is worst than death itself. It is much more satisfactory to comply with the newly commanded social order ordained by the newly-arrived Chicago and university malcontents than to stand up and fight against a well-planned political insurrection from the inner-city urban know-it-alls from Chiraq. In my new locale, everyone is pretty much locked and loaded and will only tolerate such nonsense for a bit. As long as the death and destruction is confined to neighborhoods where the fools choose to hurt each other, no one pays it much attention. The same fools know that venturing past their understood lines of demarcation likely spells trouble for them only and usually does. There is much to like here.

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  5. So that explains why she became an assistant principal at NCHS. Many people were surprised by that promotion.she apparently was put there for a reason–to advance their MARXIST agenda.

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