Economics should be required in school

By: Diane Benjamin

Some locals aren’t happy paying rent. Having a place to live isn’t something you work for, according to them it’s a RIGHT. How many haven’t paid rent in over a year? Why do they think a place to live is a RIGHT? It isn’t, just like food isn’t a RIGHT. If it was grocery stores would be forced to give food away.

In true Marxist style, another group has formed to take on capitalists. Capitalists are the ones providing housing to people who need a place to live. They do it for PROFIT! Oh the horror!

Nobody would invest in rental property if there was no PROFIT. Since government allowed people to not pay rent for over a year, some landlords are getting out of rental properties. When government outlaws capitalism with insane policies, capitalists won’t participate.

These Marxists now have a union. Tweets:

They also showed up at the Afrosocialist event:

Next they are holding their own event:

Landlords should show up to see who not to rent to. These people don’t appreciate your investment in places they can live. Tenants organizing doesn’t “hit them where it hurts”, it’s going to hit tenants when landlords cease to exist.

Basic economics is too difficult for them.







12 thoughts on “Economics should be required in school

  1. Issues like this is why we have never owned rental property in B-N. We have done MUCH better in the small towns like Heyworth, LeRoy and McLean. It may be time to form a Landlord Union to share information, etc.

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  2. Something else they never think about is how many more homeless there would be if apartments and other rental property ceased to exist. Useful idiots…

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  3. The end game here of course is government provided housing for all. Row after row of one room cinderblock homes and/or high rise apartments that are assigned to each “communal unit” (family). Children will live in separate facilities so the government can better “take care” of them.

    All the housing’s electricity will be connected to government controlled on-off switches for forced rolling blackouts when the solar and wind power don’t provide enough electricity for all communal units.
    Any home owners will have to give up their homes to the ruling class or live in re-education camps.

    Seems far fetched but also seems to be getting closer.

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    1. No, the real end game is handing over your property and your income. The ends no matter what they are justify the desired end result. Chicago has come to BN but the problem is, a majority of the self-absorbed BN population does not realize or have chosen to bury their collective heads in the sands. Those remaining to fight for what is right are far outnumbered by the unconcerned or the unaware. As the leftists see no opposition, they will continue to see BN as ripe for the picking and more will come, sort of manifest destiny for losers and the lazy. Sooner rather than later, BN will take on the look of a bombed out urban ghetto with little to no functioning city services due to a drying up of the responsible tax base. The place is already on life-support and ready to flatline. Thank your community leaders when you see them next.

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    2. I’ve seen some of the old Communist housing in Eastern Europe – as drab and depressing as one can imagine and the “government housing” in many Chinese cities is deplorable, truly deplorable – these places exemplify the socialist paradise though I suppose. Let’s just say the Old Coachman when it turned into a type of SRO/transient hotel for the practically homeless was a step up in many cases. But then again as Klaus Schwab (that man gives me a sick feeling in my stomach every time I see a pic or video of him) has told them though that they will own nothing, and they will be happy……..So living in a 12 by 12 room in a concrete block building might just be happiness for the ones who think housing is a “right” Maybe they can go back to the old “company housing” and have it deducted from their pay like the coal companies and few other employers did.

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  4. Are these people serious? Do they expect landlords to maintain the property they RENT? Don’t they understand that cuts into profits? Seriously, people need to learn about Capitalism. Somewhere other than those Liberal Universities.

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  5. Quoting Hanna Jones writer of the 1619 Story in the Heritage Foundation. –

    “In 2019, Hannah-Jones told Vox founder Ezra Klein that “if you want to see the most equal, multiracial, it’s not a democracy, but the most equal multiracial country in our hemisphere, it would be Cuba. … Cuba has the least inequality between black and white people of any place in the hemisphere.”

    She added for emphasis: “In places that are biracial countries, Cuba actually has the least inequality and that’s largely due to socialism.”

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      1. Progressive/Socialist/Democrats would sacrifice their own children if they were told it was the fair and caring thing to do.
        But now that I think about it, they’re already doing that in so many ways.

        The day will come though when their kids come after them.

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