The Bloomington show last night

By: Diane Benjamin

The start time of the meeting was changed to 6:30 because of scheduling problems now that the room is shared with the County. I hear it’s temporary. The video was not fun, the group wasn’t socially distanced but not together either. Toward the end of the meeting the audio was fine but the video was locked up. Of course the IT Department is planning on upgrading everything, nobody knows the cost. That will be revealed when they decide what to do and when.

Jenn Carrillo didn’t bother to show up.

I have to congratulate Jeff Crabill for meeting with the Eastgate residents who had sewage in their basements, most twice June 25th and 26th. The 10 public comments were heartbreaking. This proves government has their own priorities that don’t involve essential services for citizens. It difficult to budget money where it is needed when building monuments to yourself is more fun. The latest example is the O’Neil waterpark when all they needed was a pool.

I’m told Eastgate is bounded by Washington, Mercer, Regency, and Oakland. The residents of Normal with the same problem didn’t bother to appear before Council. I thank those who did in Bloomington, Jeff Crabill encouraged them to tell their stories.

Attorney Jeff Jurgens stated he’s trying to come up with a way to collect the $67,000 still owed by the previous Chateau owners even though the corporation was dissolved. He didn’t say how.

The rest of the meeting was pretty boring. Public Comment took up close to half, the actual meeting was short. The City’s insurance cost more this year due to two large recent claims. The claims being filed now will dwarf those. Next year’s premium is not going to be pretty.

5 thoughts on “The Bloomington show last night

  1. Several millions of dollars spent on plans and studies for stuff that only the politicians want is the cause of this. Most recently Ex-mayors Tari Renner and Steve Stockton and Judy Markowitz.That’s who caused your flooding problem folks. Blame them and pay more attention to all that they do. How much are they spending on bike lanes?

  2. Is the council not the least bit curious as to why Ms. Carillo has not, according to my recollection, attended any meetings (either via Zoom or in person) the last month or so? Perhaps there is some truth behind the rumors that she has relocated…

    1. No one cares anymore where Carrillo is or what she says. Those who have been watching the meetings must notice the reduction in vitriol.

  3. Jenn relocating to somewhere like Bhutan would be GREAT for the local image! We REALLY don’t need nor WANT people like her who are just around to keep the POT boiling—-or smoking!
    Bottom line, she’s persona non grata!

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