Quit building what you can’t maintain!

By: Diane Benjamin

Anybody think Normal’s underpass won’t flood? Will the structure be affected? Can trains safely be on top of it while standing water attacks the supports?

Normal is going to build it anyway, they are way smarter than citizens. Ha, Ha, Ha.

Koos and company want to make you pay for their vision. How many people in Normal have water or sewage in their basements?

Early in June I posted this pic of Rosa Parks weeds: https://blnnews.com/2021/06/09/more-weeds/

This is what it looks like today:

One Normal Plaza looks equally disgusting:

Preen works Normal, if you don’t have staff to maintain everything you have gifted to citizens (with their money) – try it!

Attracting Route 66 visitors must not be a priority. Fleecing taxpayers for Uptown is progress and the only priority.

Quit voting for progressives folks. They don’t make progress, except wasting your money on their vision.

The elected aren’t smarter than you, neither is the staff. They just pretend to be.

5 thoughts on “Quit building what you can’t maintain!

  1. Just look at how much Normal has acquired and continues to take over:

    The Normal Theater
    Immanuel Bible Foundation
    Spragg’s Gas Station
    The property on Vernon that’s currently being developed into something (????)
    Properties on School Street that were purchased with inflated value and sold for next to nothing
    The property Dave Shields (friend of government) built his house on and made a windfall profit
    Most of Uptown
    Wild Country
    Property on Linden to expand Underwood Park
    One Normal Plaza

    There are many more and hopefully readers will help fill in the blanks. All told it’s all rather frightening of an over zealous government that the people of Normal are fleeced for.

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    1. It is kind of disquieting to say the least that the city has acquired so much of what used to be private sector. Also, I know y’all know that ‘they” are always the “smart people”, the ones who know best. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has heard their “progressive” ( which means socialist leaning or full blown Marxist) friends say things like “Finally, we have smart people running the show” or “It will be nice to have some actual adults in charge” whenever one of “theirs” is either elected or selected to be in top dog or even lower administrative position and you know in your heart that it will now be one boondoggle and catastrophe after another that will end up costing far more than would have ever been needed without them having their “smart” little fingers into everything.

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  2. Oh and as to Preen? That’s relatively inexpensive, effective and simple to use, they will/would choose something that costs at LEAST 5 times that much and takes an agriculture or math degree to apply, and buy it from specialty products company in Chicago.

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  3. I see a no-guns sign in the first picture. Applying the same logic, the Town should simply put a placard with a picture of some weeds with a line across it. Problem solved.

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