Citizens Won then Lost

By:  Diane Benjamin

A number of area residents of One Normal Plaza appeared before the Council asking for just one thing: No alcohol in One Normal Plaza. They succeeded in getting this alcohol clause removed from the Planned Unit Development document:

The vote was 5-2.  Koos and McCarthy voted against them. Removing this clause was initiated by Stan Nord. It was shocking (yes shocking!) to see 4 people vote with him.

Koos kept claiming package liquor is sold across the street from where kids were playing pee-wee football last night.  I guess he hasn’t been there lately, the field is huge with trees between “across the street” and the kids playing. There is also another road on the other sides of the trees before it is “across the street”.

From last summer:

The Council next voted 6-1 against another Nord motion to simply add “non-alcoholic” before drinking:

Voting against adding non-alcoholic to the approve use list can only mean one thing: Everyone on the Council but Stan Nord wants alcohol in One Normal Plaza. It appears the local elites need alcohol to function.

As with everything else in Normal, average citizens have no voice. The Town predestines what is going to happen, they pretend to listen, and then do whatever they already planned to do regardless.

It’s almost like they know something nobody else does. Citizens get to find out when they get the bill.

Just hit play to hear the discussion:

9 thoughts on “Citizens Won then Lost

  1. This is classic cronyism, good old boys club, etc. The Hile-Broads are watching their political elite status and support of the mayor’s reelection campaign pay off. It is who you know that matters. The mayor and council do not work for the people, they work to serve their friends, and they will lie to your face to get elected.

    Really, what kind of idiot puts a bar in the middle of ONP? I guess the same people who put a marijuana dispensary across the street from a church.

  2. It’s amazing home much work the Town will do for a few select people, and how little work they will do for everyone else. People wonder why business owners, developers, and individuals line up to kiss the ring. Here’s proof. If you’re an everyday citizen or business that works hard, obeys the rule of law, and asks for nothing, you are forced to pay for those that have aligned themselves with and pledged public support for the local government and its allies. Seriously, you have to see how the elites in BN suck up to each other on social media. ‘You’re pretty. No, you’re pretty.’ It’s nauseating.

    1. The BN mutual admiration society has been around since the 1950’s. It is just more visible now because of social media. The “little people” in town that do the right thing have never been a concern. It has always been about maintaining the status quo so the country club crowd can continue to call the shots. Everything important to the Clique is decided long before a gavel is struck to bring a meeting to order. The Stan Nord’s of the world know they are outnumbered before a meeting begins but choose to fight the good fight in spite of it all. Public meetings are theater to give the public the impression they still have a voice when in reality, they don’t. It is why BN will never reach its full potential. Rivian wouldn’t even be moving forward if it wasn’t for Koos wanting a legacy and and to take credit for doing his part for Agenda 21. It’s always mattered about what name is behind any want and it has to be the right ones. They laugh at you and others like you at their private parties. Bob Broad and Julie Hile will eventually get to sell liquor and make a tidy profit at One Normal Pkaza. Bank on it.

      1. Hile tried her best to get her normandy village ‘business consultant’ Straza elected in Bloomington. #Fail.

        Feed the future feeder logic I guess. 😂

  3. Kiss the ring and you will get picnic tables put in front of your business screw the other business owners that need the parking. Thanks to all the taxpayers that paid for tables and concrete barriers and the labor to install them.

  4. Reece makes $254K per year, Day $195K. They have even better pension payments awaiting them as long as they continue to advance the Koos’ corruption train. They are well paid to do whatever the King asks. Peasants exist in Normal to fuel the King’s whims and Reece and Day are just one of the mayor’s weapons.

  5. They really can’t function without their wine – I’ve been observing this phenomenon for quite a few years now. It’s VERY important to them.

  6. When a person subconsciously realizes they have no morals they tend to drink to quiet the good part of themselves, just leaving the evil. Power, greed, and abuse becomes their God.

    1. Good point – they use it to dull that little voice that still remains though barely alive, that sometimes makes them question why they do the the things they do.

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