Guest Writer on State Farm announcement

With the news release of State Farm displacing 4,200 employees in various locations throughout the country, here is what a little research has produced. The following link offers additional general information from a neutral source which includes more details than the Pantagraph article. Last year it was announced that the Corporate Headquarters in Bloomington […]

WOW! YEAR-OLD financial statements

By: Diane Benjamin Bloomington finally released the financial statements for April 30, 2016. The TIF report still hasn’t been released and neither has a separate audited statement on the Coliseum. Maybe another year? Two? At this point, what difference does it make? It’s much easier to read the information from the Comptroller’s site. Total Full […]


By:  Diane Benjamin 1) State Farm is expanding again – in Atlanta.  They are building an office for up to 10,000 employees:–politics/watch-crews-implode-dunwoody-office-building/iZnPJmTxmPswgoj4gJwEeL/ 2) Cities 92.9 is holding a Bloomington mayoral debate next Wednesday.  They showed total disregard for church activities that normally happen on Wednesday evenings, but worse – Wednesday evening services during the […]

Part 2: The End of Bloomington/Normal as We Know IT

See Part 1 here: Part 2 by: Lawrence Butts Illinois State University . The bubble that higher education is currently riding high on is about to burst. The first question that will be asked is “ISU is doing great, they fill their enrollment every year – how are they in trouble?”  Yes, for the […]

State Farm, Jamie Mathy and more

By:  Diane Benjamin State Farm is facing a $7.6 BILLION class action lawsuit.  What effect will that have the local economy?  At the end of 2015, State Farm reported a Net Worth of $82.7 Billion. The lawsuit is close to 10% of their total value. Keep spending Bloomington/Normal – at least towns (unlike states) […]

Destroying Illinois, one business at a time

By:  Diane Benjamin State Farm isn’t growing here.  Formally local jobs now exists in other states.  Send Mike Madigan a thank-you card. A recent report rated all 50 States from Best to Worst for business. See this story: Celebrate now – Illinois is number 48.  Businesses and jobs will never return to Illinois as […]

Heartland abates taxes too

By:  Diane Benjamin Big corporations do two things: Hire people Negotiate taxes Because of an extensive well-funded legal department, corporations weld a lot of power not available to small business. It’s impossible for free market competition to exist when the biggest entities use their money and connections for perks available only to them. Here’s the […]

More CIRA stuff

By:  Diane Benjamin TAXPAYERS own the Central Illinois Regional Airport, but you know very little about the management or financial position. See the CIRA website here:  (Under “City Information” – Mitsubishi is still listed) It has ZERO transparency!  There are no links to financial information, agendas, minutes of meetings, or who is on the […]

UPDATE Breaks for State Farm – you? NOPE

  This item got pulled from the consent agenda for discussion.  Hales claimed Springfield exempted insurance companies from utility taxes.  That doesn’t explain why State Farm is named but Country Financial isn’t.  Both are in Bloomington and both are insurance companies. Lets say Hales is right.  Call the Brady bunch and change it!  It’s still […]

Is County Board Chairman Matt Sorensen in jail?

Additional stories:   By:  Diane Benjamin Maybe if the local press did investigative reporting we would know.  Why did the press not care when Matt Sorensen left State Farm under less than amicable circumstances.  What does it take for State Farm to fire a high-ranking employee, let alone the McLean County […]

Connect Transit – who is paying

By:  Diane Benjamin I filed Freedom of Information requests with ISU, Heartland, and Connect Transit based on the previous post: I appreciate ISU responding in ONE day, Heartland and Connect Transit took the 5 days permitted to respond. See the current ISU contract with Connect Transit here:  ISU-Connect Transit FY16 ISU is paying Connect […]

UPDATE: State Farm moving out?

Don’t miss the comments.  Two readers reported relatives only working 4 days a week now.  Several others say this is meaningless.  You decide. By:  Diane Benjamin An email was sent to every associate at State Farm today.  Does this sound like State Farm is staying in Bloomington?  I’ve heard from numerous sources that employees locally […]

Corruption in Stanford

By:  Diane Benjamin Illinois Freedom of Information Law intro: (5 ILCS 140/1) (from Ch. 116, par. 201)     Sec. 1. Pursuant to the fundamental philosophy of the American constitutional form of government, it is declared to be the public policy of the State of Illinois that all persons are entitled to full and complete information regarding […]

Fly on the Wall: Food pantries

Evidently the local food pantries can’t keep food in stock.  Lines are long, food is in short supply.  Why would formerly prosperous Bloomington-Normal have long lines at food pantries? Think . . Think. . Think hard. State Farm has moved people out.  That means less money in the local economy which means fewer jobs all […]

Fly on the Wall: State Farm

I hear State Farm announced this week they are ONLY relocating 500 internal IT persons!  ONLY?!? So, if these internal IT people are married, that’s 1000 people moving out of Bloomington-Normal and Illinois.  If they have 2 kids that’s a total of 2000 people!  There will be 500 empty houses or apartments, 1000 less kids in […]

Why did the State Farm CEO support Common Core?

Business Execs: Fight for Common Core Before It’s Too Late By Sean Cavanagh on September 17, 2013 1:04 PM | 6 Comments UPDATED Washington Representatives of major corporations today urged their peers in the business community to take up the fight to defend the Common Core State Standards—and warned them to steel themselves for opposition from some quarters, and apathy from […]

Still think State Farm isn’t down-sizing

by:  Diane Benjamin During a discussion of the future needs of the City at the Administration and Finance Committee held on August 5th, the following was presented by the Finance Director, Ms. Silva.  As usual, Alderman Fazzini lives in a world of bubbles and candy where everything is wonderful and the City needs to spend […]

State Farm staying?

by: Diane Benjamin At my church today we had a sendoff for a member and her family moving to Phoenix-transferred by State Farm.  After the service, we spoke for a few minutes.  She told me there were 20 people in this wave of transfers. 20 families leaving Bloomington-Normal in this wave!  Still believe 15,000 people […]

State Farm To Leave Illinois, Move To Texas

This site will end without your support.  Click here to contribute: State Farm, the nationally-known insurance chain headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois, has apparently had its fill of “The Land of Lincoln’s” confiscatory taxes.  The 800 million dollar company is reported to have purchased “substantial workspace” in the Dallas, Texas area. The giant insurance firm’s […]


Update:  From an insider at State Farm:  The memo employees got from SF said they are consolidating claims and underwriting in those regions.  I predict some local media will publish a quote calling all this untrue.  Meanwhile, 10 years from now, State Farm will have quietly moved some departments out of Illinois as they demand […]