By:  Diane Benjamin


State Farm is expanding again – in Atlanta.  They are building an office for up to 10,000 employees:  http://www.ajc.com/news/local-govt–politics/watch-crews-implode-dunwoody-office-building/iZnPJmTxmPswgoj4gJwEeL/


Cities 92.9 is holding a Bloomington mayoral debate next Wednesday.  They showed total disregard for church activities that normally happen on Wednesday evenings, but worse – Wednesday evening services during the lent season.  Thanks for checking a calendar before scheduling.


What is Normal paying for tonight?

Why is Normal buying bus shelters?  $150,000

Normal employees are FLOCKING to ride the bus at taxpayer expense!  Why is Normal buying Connect transit signs?

Uptown events cost you money – this is just 2 weeks of expense.  Don’t forget the staff that must be paid too for your entertainment.

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      1. State Farm is committed to staying in BN just like Caterpillar was committed to staying in Peoria. They are certainly not going to add employees when they are being pressed to become more efficient by startups like Lemonade. The slow downsizing the State Farm will take many forms. This Atlanta facility will be just one of them.

  1. Why have shelters, if we aren’t sure the bus service is going to continue. Ridership keeps going down, especially after the routes were changed. The state may not be able to continue making its contribution.

    1. Buses and shelters are part of the “infrastructure” that the elected officials refer to in the budget.

  2. #2. Church is the last place any rational thinking human being should be in the first place.

  3. Diane, I love your comment, I am glad to be on your side.

    As for the buses, well, at a loss of nearly a million per month, there is no one that can honestly justify running these empty behemoths around town.

  4. Must be nice for city employees to get shelters. My elderly mom who lives in senior complex was told they couldnt have one because they were too expensive.

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