UPDATE Breaks for State Farm – you? NOPE


This item got pulled from the consent agenda for discussion.  Hales claimed Springfield exempted insurance companies from utility taxes.  That doesn’t explain why State Farm is named but Country Financial isn’t.  Both are in Bloomington and both are insurance companies.

Lets say Hales is right.  Call the Brady bunch and change it!  It’s still unfair to everybody else paying the tax.

By:  Diane Benjamin

The rich get richer.

eCrony capitalism.

Rules and taxes are only for peons.

Everything citizens hate about their government is exemplified on Monday’s City Council Agenda.

It’s on the Consent Agenda, so unless an alderman pulls it for discussion, everybody will say it’s fine.  See item 7K in the City Council Regular meeting packet:  http://www.cityblm.org/index.aspx?page=242&parent=9534 Page 111

At first glance, it’s just Ameren doesn’t have to charge Utilities Taxes on government-owned property.  Read closer:

statefarmHow much money is the City giving up to State Farm by waving Utility Taxes?  Millions?  Enough to close the budget hole?

Senior citizens on a fixed income are forced to pay.  Single mothers are forced to pay.  State Farm is shipping people to other states and endangering the local economy, but they get a pass.

Renner raised the utility taxes.  This looks like State Farm is exempt not only from the increase, but ALL Utilities taxes.  I wonder when their exemption started?  Were they exempt from the beginning?  Just because a lot of people work there?  You have to pay higher taxes since State Farm doesn’t pay.  Brilliant work.

If this makes you mad, you have a right to be.

How big was their last profit report?

Like a good neighbor . . . .we make you pay.


7 thoughts on “UPDATE Breaks for State Farm – you? NOPE

  1. OR, SF could just say, we don’t need anything here other that a corporate HQ building. And if you don’t think that couldn’t happen, look at their new campuses in Dall as, Atlanta, and Phoenix.


  2. This says, “at the request of Ameren” the ordinance be amended. The ICC (Illinois Commerce Commission) has a tight leash on what Ameren can and cannot charge, so is this directive coming from the State as a favor to Renner/State Farm?


  3. I can see them having a no tax for the first 5 years like they do other businesses but I think State Farm has been there longer than 5 years!!


  4. It seems this exemption has been the case for quite some time.

    STRATEGIC PLAN SIGNIFICANCE: Objective 1a. Budget with adequate resources to
    support defined services and level of services.

    FINANCIAL IMPACT: None. This amendment merely clarifies existing exemptions.


  5. THIs town is on steroids now for STEALING more of the citizens money through taxes and fees. It will be interesting to see Renner fail on a followup bid for mayor. Lib or not his socialist, communist ways are not winning him any medals here.


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