Fly on the Wall: State Farm

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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I hear State Farm announced this week they are ONLY relocating 500 internal IT persons!  ONLY?!?

So, if these internal IT people are married, that’s 1000 people moving out of Bloomington-Normal and Illinois.  If they have 2 kids that’s a total of 2000 people!  There will be 500 empty houses or apartments, 1000 less kids in public schools, 500 less families contributing to the local economy.

But local governments keeps spending and spending.  Bigger library, redesigned downtown Bloomington, 1% Sales Tax increase for schools . . .

Does anybody have a grip on reality in Bloomington-Normal?  Detroit took decades to go bankrupt, they failed to cut spending when people started moving out.  Exactly why would anybody relocate to Bloomington-Normal?  Remember, we are still in Illinois – a state at the bottom of every list for economic growth.

People are fleeing Illinois and it’s not going to stop:

If you can’t flee, start voicing your opinions!



6 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: State Farm

  1. Maybe we should build not only an east side highway, but a west side highway, too so we could get more people to come to Bloomington.
    Oh wait – we have a west side highway and they still don’t come to Bloomington. They do drive by though.
    And with all those State Farmers leaving town it will make it a lot easier to get to that east side highway so I can go to . . . Wait! Where would I be going that I would need to use this route ? Unless, if course I’m leaving town because it will become worse than we have ever seen?

  2. You should do some more research. I drive by the Dallas development every day – it’s HUGE! 2 million sq feet huge. Way more than 500 people are moving to Dallas. Bloomington will be a ghost town very, very soon.

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