More on Sorensen: Court Press release

h/t Illinois leaks/Edgar County Watchdogs

The Press Release contains MANY details left out of the Reuters story.


9 thoughts on “More on Sorensen: Court Press release

  1. If this took place in 2012 I wonder why it took so long to reveal this. It sounds like they were scamming other businesses too. $390K, now that’s a nice piece of the pie. I wonder what he spent it on. Oh, I’m sure that will come out later.

    Arora, likely from India. No surprise there. There have been several likewise Wall Street criminals up for the same charges.


  2. I was WONDERING what to watch this evening! Think I’ll watch the “Wolves of Wall Street”. Just got to dig out the BIG popcorn kettle! What with THESE revelations, makes one WONDER if the county got “skimmed” also?? Lie, Cheat, Steal, IF you do one, you’re probably doing the other TWO! $390,000-That’s a LOT of State Farm golf balls!!


    1. My first though was how many developers are paying him to push the East side bypass. I wonder if that will come to light as the courts dig through his finances. I would not be surprised if some are paying him.


      1. Like Snyder’s push to extend Hersey Road East past the train tracks? And, Armstrong’s development of The Grove at Kickapoo Creek, FAR east of town toward Downs? Both of those cost the city millions.


      2. I know there was a request before the County Board to open another gravel pit in Funks Grove township on the very SW corner. When I heard that I wondered what in the world does this county need another gravel operations for. I haven’t heard if it got approved or who was asking for the request. Maybe just a coincidence with all of the talk about a east side bypass.


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