Fly on the Wall: State Farm

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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Flying around, I heard something interesting:  State Farm has told up to 3000 people they can transfer to one of their 3 hubs.

Hear any sucking noises?

13 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: State Farm

  1. Someone would have to have had their head in the sand if they didn’t see that coming. Bloomington will no longer be the giant headquarters but rather another hub.


  2. I remember dad delivering Anhydrous Ammonia to a field back in 72 or so, and the farmer telling him “YEP, this gonna be the LAST year I farm this”!! State Farm bought it and has plans for some kinda NEW big ole building. Guess Mercer ain’t in the country anymore, huh? Maybe TARI can get em to cut him a DEAL, and move DOWNTOWN there, and he’ll HAVE his hotel-ALREADY BUILT! Even have a Penthouse view! WOW!


  3. Property values set to take a nose drive as taxes and fees increase. More people (besides SF people) will continue to leave. Add Mitsubishi on it’s last legs with college costs making young people question the benefits of getting a diploma, this area is about to show up in my rearview mirror as well. It’s too bad but there are better places to live. Once was, is not anymore.


  4. Something they talk about at the mayors conference. Any of the local rich folks listening?… AND do a google on this title as I can’t provide the link: WEST COVINA MAYOR FRED SYKES PUSHES OBAMA’S AGENDA 21 NATIONWIDE URBANIZATION PLANS.
    BY IWB · JULY 9, 2015

    Oh yeah, you can bet Renner/Hales is all about this program.


    1. So is McLean County. Renner was at that conference with Obama & Clinton. Check out the “Bring It On Bloomington” now being reviewed by the Planning Commission…next hearing, July 22…then up for a vote by the Council in August. The virus is here!!


  5. It has always amazed me that State Farm’s enormous contributions to the militant, Marxist Hispanic group La Raza are not held up for scrutiny and criticism.


  6. SF pretty much came right out and said a couple years ago that they were done growing in Bloomington. Lots of notice for our local leaders to start making small adjustments — spending less, cutting waste, maybe a few early retirements — to prepare for the day when tax receipts would go down. Of course, no politician anywhere would have done something intelligent like that. Better to wait until it’s a crisis and very large and painful cuts are required (which will have a much larger impact on those lower down the socioeconomic ladder). It’s much more fun to talk about building a new downtown than living within our means. Let’s go ask the Greeks how that plan is working out for them.


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