Dear State Farm UPDATE!

Update:  Read all the below or this won’t make sense.  I’ve done some further investigating.  The City of Chicago did cancel all three of the notices I received in July.  The two notices I have now are NEW!  It looks like Chicago scrapped my car and the company that took it sold it again!  Now the car has plates, but somehow they are in MY name.  The vehicle was impounded because the driver had a suspended or revoked license.  When I fax them again, how long before Chicago impounds the car again?  Then they contact me again, and again and again.  STATE FARM – get me name off this car!

by:  Diane Benjamin

My family has had State Farm Insurance for decades.  You have mostly been very fair with claims, except for raising our home deductible because of circumstances beyond our control – like lighting hitting our house twice since 1997.

You were also very fair with the settlement on a vehicle my son totaled earlier this year.  The damage amounted to a bent frame and broken radiator with very little to the body.  You bought the car and said it would be disposed of.   I think I remember you mentioning a company in Rockford that handles the cars you total.

As I reported in July, I received 3 notices, certified mail – all the same day, from the City of Chicago with fines accessed on the car you bought.  All 3 notices had the exact same information all written on the same day.  (

The company you transferred our former car to didn’t dispose of it!

The vehicle with a bent frame ended up on the streets of Chicago, unlicensed.  I contacted you in July and really didn’t get very far.  I contacted the City of Chicago by phone as instructed on the notices.  There was no live person to talk to, just a fax number to send the documentation if the car wasn’t mine.

I dug out the documents, scanned and faxed them.  I noted on the fax all three of the notices were identical and all 3 applied to a vehicle totaled by State Farm.  It worked great!  They managed to cancel ONE of them.  I just received 2 more.


  • Did you ever contact the company that hauled my car off?
  • Have you stopped doing business with them for illegally putting the vehicle back on the road?
  • Do you want unlicensed unsafe vehicles being driven?
  • Do you care the City of Chicago thinks we abandoned a car in Chicago?
  • Do you care the City of Chicago is still trying to collect money from my family?
  • Do you care I have to take time again to respond to the City of Chicago notices?
  • Do you care the City of Chicago will probably miss again that both notices are on the same vehicle?
  • Don’t you have responsibility to ensure unsafe cars are NOT driven?
  • When does this cease to be my responsibility and start being yours?

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