UPDATE: State Farm Exodus

A reader sent me this:  https://atlanta.curbed.com/2017/9/7/16264644/state-farm-atlanta-perimeter-dunwoody-development-construction

He added this:  It looks like we are headed for a chalk outline of BN taxpayer…

See this story too:  From a SF Employee


By:  Diane Benjamin

State Farm announced to their employees they will be moving 7% of IT out of Bloomington and cutting management company wide by 25% in the next year.

That is 7% people AND their families – so a lot of people will be leaving Bloomington-Normal.  I’ve heard estimates of 400 employees.

I have no idea how many management jobs are affected.

I’ve heard over and over from many different sources that Tari Renner and Chris Koos were informed by State Farm of upcoming cuts.

Neither has done anything except raise taxes to compensate.

I know I have State Farm readers!

What are you hearing?

Since State Farm can’t raise taxes, they are doing what they can to survive as a company.  We need to demand government operate the same way!

The cuts need to begin NOW.

(They prefer secrets however.)




15 thoughts on “UPDATE: State Farm Exodus

  1. Diane, My son works for Enterprise Car Rentals in the DFW area. He rented to a SF corp exec over a year ago who told him of the upcoming moves from BloNo. She informed him of a memo she received from the CEO stating that SF had been in contact with both local governments informing them of the move from BloNo. She said the CEO had informed both governments not to rely on them for any increases in tax revenue so they could plan accordingly.

    I keep wondering why this hasn’t shown up in any city council discussions. Ha ha! We moved to MO 16 months ago and are so thankful we did. We took a hit on home value then and I can’t imagine what it would be now.

    Thanks for all you do. I forward your emails and post on FB for friends back there. Some pay attention but so many are still apathetic.

    Karen Irwin


  2. What? State Farm moving people OUT? My GOD, we need a study to see how much we NEED to raise taxes!!
    Vote me for council!
    I can’t WAIT to see what Lawrence says! BET it’ll be more entertaining then watching the “WALL” discussion though..


  3. I ran into someone I know who works in the IT area yesterday evening. She didn’t mention this but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t announced. She did say as they reorganize some people are deciding to leave or retire.

    Quite frankly why companies like SF expend money on buildings to house employees that could work from home I find astounding. My employer and others have been doing this for years to reduce costs. They don’t have to invest in property, maintenance, etc. Not to mention no property taxes to pay.


  4. Couple of thoughts. First of all, if there was a memo shouldn’t an FOIA be able to turn it up? Second if sf really gave notice that long ago, that would be a crazy huge advanced warning. Cat gave the Peoria leaders 4 (or maybe it was 7) days notice on their headquarters move.


  5. So Koos, Renner, Soresen (KRS) and both City Managers saw this memo?
    All the council members know and when? County board members and when?
    I want to see this memo as soon as possible! So, they the gang of five knew of this and still put all the taxpayers on the hook for more debt with full knowledge that revenues would be going down is that a correct statement?
    “even elected officials to be held criminally, or civilly liable for breach of Fiduciary Duty”

    Does that breach exist with this revelation from The Farm?

    Lawrence HELP US understand …and Diane also chime in. PLZ


      1. I wonder if the County’s move to reduce staffing/expenses has anything to do with this information. The revenue just isn’t going to be available.


  6. Statefarm is a difficult company. It is catching up with them the continued increases of premiums and there bad claims work ethics. It was just a matter of time that Karma would catch up with them..RIP statefarm.


  7. Can anyone from State Farm confirm that the old DT building is sitting almost vacant? Hear that only a couple of floors are occupied. The Mayors catalyst project, making DT SF into a hotel!!!


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