State Farm, Jamie Mathy and more

By:  Diane Benjamin

State Farm is facing a $7.6 BILLION class action lawsuit.  What effect will that have the local economy?  At the end of 2015, State Farm reported a Net Worth of $82.7 Billion.

The lawsuit is close to 10% of their total value.

Keep spending Bloomington/Normal – at least towns (unlike states) can declare bankruptcy.


Jamie Mathy, candidate for Ward 1 alderman, posted a video to Facebook.  He claims Aldermen Scott Black and Diana Hauman met with MetroNet about high speed internet on the west side.  Since he got his information from them, he’s obviously aligned with their ideology.  (Hauman doesn’t represent the west side) The cheapest plan available starts at $50 per month.

During the video Jamie turned into a community organizer.  He urged people to contact MetroNet and express their interest.  Then, if MetroNet doesn’t hook them up, he will announce future action.

Maybe people should contact Kelly’s Bakery (owned by his family) and demand wider circulation of items.  Maybe they should demand some discounts too since everybody can’t afford the products.  It isn’t fair that only people close to the Front and Center building get fed!  The Bloomington City Council should intervene!  Maybe Not In Our Town too!

Haven’t we seen enough of community organizers and laws that don’t matter?

Either we are pro free markets or government should call for a vote to finish off capitalism.  This death by a thousand cuts is getting really old.


Since only “white collar” jobs seem to be the “right” fit for Bloomington and Normal, here’s what you get:

Normal is hiring a firm from Joliet to repair the library roof – $110,400

Meijer hired a firm from Michigan for a curbside remodel – $75,000

The Radisson in Normal hired a firm from Goodfield for remodeling – $6,156,929

Illinois Agriculture Association hired a firm from Morton for entry changes – $126,000

BT Investments hired a firm from South Holland for an excerise studio – $235,000

Evidently “buying local” either isn’t possible or not a priority.

Source:  Local building permits





  1. Mathy should get his facts straight before spewing. Karen and Scott met with MetroNet. It is my understanding that both of them are satisfied with MetroNet’s explanation that there will be service to the West side sometime in the future. Meanwhile, Comcast upgraded and is offering a comparable high speed service. Hysterics just historics. Of all people, he should understand business decisions. That is why he is so much in favor of a downtown hotel across the street from his business.


  2. Great idea to contact Kelly’s Bakery and demand a “living wage” appropriate price for their food. It’s only fair right?


  3. Dawson Lake says:

    Sometimes you paint with a brush too wide.
    The Radisson in Normal hired a firm from Goodfield for remodeling – $6,156,929 How far out do you stop local? I remind you that Goodfield is as close as Arrowsmith.

    Illinois Agriculture Association hired a firm from Morton for entry changes – $126,000. I believe when it says Illinois, it means the whole State.

    I also remind you that these are non taxing employers.


    • Arrowsmith is 5 minutes from me. Goodfield is 45. Besides, it’s still not local. A tiny town has contractors that B-N doesn’t?

      Morton is even further, obviously still not local. The locals want money our money spent in B-N, it doesn’t apply to them however.


      • Dawson Lake says:

        I’ve been gone a bit, sorry for the late reply. While we most all know where you live, we are not talking about you. We are talking about a Bloomington, Illinois organization that covers the whole State. And Goodfield is in that State, and Goodfield is just as close or closer than Arrowsmith. That was the point I was making. I also remind you that these are non taxing employers.


  4. The lawyer representing the people in the class-action case rarely loses. I went to school with him. Nice guy. State Farm has met its match.


  5. Nobody on city council represents West-siders… you know, the people trying to live paycheck to paycheck with ever-increasing taxes. Heck, council’s just in it to get deals for their cronies!


  6. sticky bean says:

    In regards to the construction and remodel work, did they take bids? This type of work from B=N contractors is generally high so if the out of towners put in lower bids then that’s how it is supposed to work I would think. At least they are Illinois firms and not foreigners from other countries.


  7. Country Bumpkin says:

    Like most good lib’s, Jamie’s rules only apply to others.


  8. One needs to review recent building permits in the Blo/No area to see how often out-of-area contractors are actually used. It is astounding!


  9. State Farm, interesting case. I wondered how they found the money trail. $7.6B isn’t small change. SF could very well loose this case.


  10. If you read the link above it is the court document that was filed. A couple of well known names like Ed Rust Jr. and the lawyer William Sheppard are mentioned frequently. I wonder how much of a take the law firm that filed the class action will get. It looks like it will be more than $7.6B to me if reasonable lawyer fees are included.



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