State Farm News!

By:  Diane Benjamin

State Farm has an Employees Activities group, it sounds similar to the City of Bloomington except the activities aren’t during working hours.  One activity I know they organize is golf tournaments.

This message was on the SFEA site today:

Another message was sent to past golf participants:

Many of you have probably seen or heard about the SFEA website message by now. If not, we have been informed there will be a post to the Enterprise Message Center tomorrow to officially announce no SFEA activities or events will be offered in 1st or 2nd quarter of 2018. 
This impact our golf league and is unfortunate as there are additional consequences that can impact our long-standing relationships with courses and our preferred tee times. After a discussion between the current league officers, we have agreed to continue to run the league in 2018, just outside of SFEA. We hope this is only a temporary change for the 2018 season (or possibly even just the first part of the season).

The private sector knows that when you are in a hole – quit digging.  Is Bloomington going to cancel their Employee Activities Committee too?  Or is Bloomington going to keep digging deeper?

State Farm policy holders can change companies is rates get too high.  People can leave Bloomington if taxes are increased again.

The clowns running Springfield haven’t figured that out yet.  Illinois lost 1 resident every 4.3 minutes in 2017 dropped 6th most populous state

Will the Bloomington City Council fail basic economics again?






7 thoughts on “State Farm News!

  1. Discontinuing a golf tournament will have a significant affect on the City Enterprise Fund—the only one that come close to breaking even on operating costs. There goes more revenue.

  2. Yes, they will fail. I don’t know if it’s a test they care about. As long as their friends have bike lanes and a nice downtown everything else is immaterial. They are like highschool children who could care less about getting into Harvard, they just want the homecoming court seats.

  3. I’d say it’s likely that SFEA is not coming back. Why would you cancel activities during a redesign? Can’t walk and chew gum? SF is cutting and gutting.

      1. OK, I’m totally not a cool-aid drinker for SF, but I did work for several years with the guy overseeing the major remodel of the Atrium (where the Sounds of Christmas was held). He went into it with the understanding that he had a HARD STOP date of November 15, so that the Christmas stuff could go on. Then the Good Idea Fairy visited the project, added scope and extended the completion date by months. Not saying that they will continue the Sounds in the future – I don’t have any info on that. But this year the construction makes it impossible.

  4. Bloomington will fail at city govt as they appear to use the state of Illinois as a governing financial model.

  5. How come SF can cut programs and employees to reduce spending but Bloomington government can’t? Get a clue City Council!!!

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