Video posted! Who doesn’t care about your safety?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The video from last Monday’s Council meetings are finally posted.  If you want to listen to all the public comments about the “welcoming ordinance”, start at the beginning.  I know many of you watched the comments made by Chief Heffner.  His biggest point was:  This ordinance jeopardizes public safety!

His comments were all but ignored by most of the Council!

The majority of the Council is now on video ignoring the threat to your safety.  Bray was a voice close to reason.  Sage said what you are probably thinking.  Just hit play:

Slide back to hear the entire Council comments.  Will they realize they erred when somebody gets killed?


2 thoughts on “Video posted! Who doesn’t care about your safety?

  1. I don’t understand this counsel. Mayor Judy an mayor of Normal accepted bad money which gave us Cabrini Green an their gangs which has caused a lot of problems an now when they are wanting to fix downtown they are going to make it far more dangerous by making it welcoming to criminals!!! You can’t make this stuff up.

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  2. I would feel much safer if we didn’t have a Council. Seriously, I feel like we need a SNL Ditka skit here.

    The entire Council, Downtown “Business”, and the Pantagraph vs. Chief.


    The League of Women Voters, BLM, Illinois People Action Committee, Shayna and Buddha in a golf cart, and NIOT vs. Chief.

    Chief wins without a doubt.


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