State Farm becomes better neighbor!

By:  Diane Benjamin

In case you didn’t see the update to this story:

I received a call from a claims supervisor on Christmas Eve.  She had obviously either read or heard about the story.

On December 26th I received a call early from the guy I had been working with.  I just signed the release form, all the medical bills will be paid and I will get a little for pain and suffering.

Concussion are not fun, I really had no idea how bad it can be until I got one.

Now, I’m looking for a large sign I can put on the back of my car.  My husband got rear ended (while also stopped) about a year ago in the same car.  Is a RED car that hard to see?  How about a flashing Stop Sign?







3 thoughts on “State Farm becomes better neighbor!

  1. Well you have the answer but you have overlooked it. RED! I have a RED Ram that is 13 years old, I have not had any accident with it that I caused. Just to name a few “incidents”, and heavy on the “dents” part, first, someone backed, probably a truck into the front bumper and straightened a arched bumper into a
    almost straight one, next a deer committed suicide against the front passenger side front fender and both doors, next a tire with only 11,000 miles on it shucked its tread against that same passenger side and the rear tail light assembly which required a full paint job. This doesn’t take into account a unexplained very deep gouge on that same side that I also paid to have fixed. Just looked up at it one day and there it was. Just like the little Leprechaun left it, I guess. This truck now has 230,000 miles on it and should I ever get lucky enough to buy another, well, it will never be RED.

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  2. I was also in a not at fault accident with a SF policy holder April 1 of 2019. Have made numerous calls to my bodily injury claim rep but no return calls as yet. Can you give me the name of the claim person you spoke with and perhaps their ph no.

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