Update: More Fake News from WGLT


State Farm backs Aaron Rodger! Good for them, bad for WGLT.

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

The only reason I started writing almost 10 years ago was because journalism is dead. If stories aren’t purposely not covered to protect fellow democrats, words are twisted to make the consumer believe something that never happened.

This is WGLT’s story: https://www.wglt.org/local-news/2021-11-05/state-farm-stays-quiet-after-aaron-rodgers-covid-19-vaccine-comments-and-mlk-comparison?fbclid=IwAR2KN9yGdXM1ft_LY7Px1QSae_HlE4wEQuLRJvJis0uXWGSlNOeL39uZPfQ

I REALLY don’t like football. I’ve never watched a Green Bay Packers game and before watching the video in the story I wouldn’t have recognized Aaron Rodgers if he was standing next to me. I REALLY like him now because of the interview. (No I still won’t watch him play)

WGLT had the audacity to play cancel culture! They called State Farm for a comment on the video and Rodgers’ vaccination status because he is a spokesman for them.

If WGLT had any integrity, instead to towing the democrat talking points, they would have added to the story that Rodgers believes he got COVID from a vaccinated teammate since those are the only people he is around. WGLT could have done some research into fertility and vaccinations instead of regurgitating CDC writings. The CDC hasn’t told pregnant women not to get the vaccination but MANY women have miscarried after getting the shot. The CDC is immaterial when evidence exists it isn’t safe.

The title to the story is: State Farm stays quiet after Aaron Rodgers’ COVID-19 vaccine comments and MLK comparison.

The MLK quote is correct, but it is in a paragraph almost at the bottom of the article. COMPARISON is inaccurate – it is a QUOTE. Authors know stories frequently aren’t read to the bottom, did the writer think readers would believe Rodgers compared himself to Martin Luther King?

This is the quote:

“As an aside, the great MLK said, you have a moral obligation to object to unjust rules and rules that make no sense,” Rodgers said.

That quote is at 26:27 – video is in the story. I highly recommend listening to the interview. Aaron has very well thought out points for HIS OWN BODY. More people need to be like Aaron instead of jumping to experimental vaccinations that don’t work, you can still get COVID and you can still die. It shouldn’t be political, the people making money from a disease 99% survive are making it political.

We all have a moral obligation to object to unjust rules and rules that make no sense!

If State Farm drops Aaron Rodgers, I’m dropping State Farm. If we had media that actually investigated instead of being an arm of the Democrat Party, the country wouldn’t be in this mess.

Please don’t call me a journalist, it’s an insult.








12 thoughts on “Update: More Fake News from WGLT

  1. Well said Diane. I applaud your diligence and thoroughness in all that you do. Too bad Ryan Denham and all of WGLT staff don’t allow comments to their fake news stories. Then again, if they did, they would not adhere to the unspoken rules of woke journalism of being able to write anything you want without any accountability or providing any ability to challenge them.

  2. Now it he’d just tell Green Bay to bugger off and sign with the Bears, it’d be even better.

  3. That article was so bad I couldn’t finish it. The repetitive disclaimers supporting the Covid-19 vaccine made me sick. I agree it was a pitiful excuse for journalism.

  4. State Farm is totally woke. Likely they will eventually get rid of Rodgers sooner rather than later even though the controversy is really not a controversy. Why do you think.they replaced Jake Stone with a black guy as the new Jake? Besides, the ad campaign ran its useful course in the first year of its airing. Most of SF’s ad campaigns are beyond.beyond childish and stupid and lack creativity. As years pass, theywill continue to lose market share. SF is all about image. They haven’t stood up for principle for many years and have always been scared of racial minorities and the LGBTQ crowd.

  5. Ryan Denham needs to be cancelled and State Farm needs to contribute not another dime to ISU or WGLT. Hey Ryan I know you read Diane’s news (the only local news)….how many Tricker Treaters did you have at your house who weren’t vaccinated? Did you expose your self and therefore your children to COVID? Do know that obesity is killing more people than COVID…your full size candy bars are a contributor. Maybe the government should take your children away. This is the slope you are on and you seem pretty happy to be there. You want to take people and business’s ability to make there own decisions away…Do you know what that makes you?

    1. State Farm.is just as corrupt as WGLT or ISU if not more. They are proponents of age, sex and race discrimination to the one hundredth power. They have dismissed hundreds of employees because of their age in company realignment. They bend over backwards to promote and hire unqualified minorities and seldom promote or hire white males that are not already connected to the established management hierarchy. They regularly contribute to fraud social.justice causes and also protect themselves by contributing to all political campaigns whether Democrat or Republican. They also make sure that any company seen as a threat in any way is kept out of BN.

  6. State Farm made a statement that they will not be cancelling Aaron Rodgers. They believe in an individuals right to choose.

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