Bloomington Police will lose money

By: Diane Benjamin

Monday night the Bloomington City Council will vote to ratify a contract with the police that provides 2.5% raises for 3 years.

Because of inflation that 2.5% will not keep up with the cost of living.

The out of control spending in DC and Democrats war on fossil fuels will keep the inflation wagon rolling.

I wonder who the union coted for?

2 thoughts on “Bloomington Police will lose money

  1. I share the frustration but have no sympathy remaining. Teachers have been living behind the inflation curve for so very long. Unions are absent from advocacy of their members at least when it comes to compensation and compensation equity. I’m not sure how it works for police/fire/first responders, but in education the administration layer gets paid very well, stays well ahead of inflation and incents pension stacking. All the while teachers may not reap benefits from those same practices. If they choose to look for another job, the current admin has the right to “hold” their license for a year, effectively banning them from a choice every worker should have. Fix the administration and the union relationship and it makes fixing the rest possible. Until then, my advice is leave Illinois. The present system is built to get worse, not better.

    1. Nothing ever gets fixed in BN, McLean County or Illinois. The corruption in government and who gets the best jobs has always been based not on ability or knowledge but on who you know and if you are willing to compromise your ethics and to what extent. The corruption is so vast and ingrained it never gets fixed, particularly in BN. Not enough people are willing to fight to right the ship so one’s only option is to leave. Everyone can do it if you really want to change your life for the better. Mass exodus out of BN and Illinois is the only thing the leadership cliques will understand. It can be done under any circumstances. My spouse and I have never been happier.


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