Experimenting on kids

By: Diane Benjamin

At least one local pediatrician sent letters to MINORS urging them to take the COVID vaccine.

The letter claimed it will keep them from spreading COVID to other people. Evidently the doctor gets paid per jab or he doesn’t know vaccinated people can spread COVID and children are very low level spreaders.

Minors have almost zero risk from becoming infected. If they have antibodies getting the shot can hurt their immune system. The letter said nothing about getting an antibodies test first.

Doctor take an oath to “Do No Harm”. Why is this one (or more) pushing an experimental vaccine on kids? We have no long term data on what the affects will be 2 years, 5 years, or 10 years from now. We do know some kids, especially boys, can have adverse life-threatening illnesses from the vaccine. Do no harm? The letter in question was to a boy.

The only good part of the letter was that a parent has to agree first. Do your homework parents! Don’t let a doctor or school determine the long term health of your child. Having a usually mild case of COVID is much preferable to fake anti-antibodies from a shot they will need to keep getting forever with unknown side effects.

Are you experimenting on your child? Doctors sure are and so are drug companies. It should be considered child abuse! Doctor’s have never treated people before at no risk of serious illness, why are they now?

Facts from a trusted source: https://sharylattkisson.com/2021/08/new-covid-19-vaccine-adverse-events-in-children/


McLean County 0-17 years old: 4103 cases – ZERO deaths

18 years old – 741 cases, ZERO Deaths

19 years old – 900 cases, ZERO Deaths

3 thoughts on “Experimenting on kids

  1. Not only that –
    Effectiveness of 2 of 3 COVID-19 Vaccines Used in US Drops Below 50 Percent After 6 Months: Study

    “Dr. Stephen Hahn, head of the Food and Drug Administration during the final portion of the Trump administration, said last year that the agency wouldn’t authorize COVID-19 vaccines that weren’t at least 50 percent effective against infection.”


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  2. Follow the money, follow the money, follow the money. When it comes to doctors and hospitals, when it comes to politicians, when it comes to schools. It’s all about power, money, and control. Specifics may change, but human nature does not change.

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