The Chemberly Chronicles

By: Diane Benjamin

At last night’s Council meeting Chemberly Cummings was wearing a mask because she was sick. She took it off to speak because Chris Koos couldn’t hear her. The plastic dividers were gone, COVID is officially over since 6 feet apart isn’t happening anymore at Normal Council meetings.

Start with this short clip of Cummings lamenting no one on the Council calls, texts, emails, or asks her opinion:

Now see this story from July 2019. It has a copy of an email Stan Nord sent only to Chemberly. Instead of responding, she forwarded the email to Pam Reece with a statement that she is “not responding to this email”. It appears Chemberly is the reason no one on the Council talks to her outside of Council. I obtained those emails by FOIA.

It gets better! Chemberly claimed her ISU degree and working for State Farm still makes her struggle as a single woman to support herself. She claimed she had to take a third job.

Her third job is teaching 2 cooking classes at Heartland. I FOIA’d that information when she recused herself from a Heartland issue in January:

Add to that Chemberly got a raise courtesy of taxpayers after she won re-election:—Officers-Elected-and-Appointed?bidId=

Since I am tired of trying to be nice to the clueless, here’s the big one:

Remember when Chemberly was sued because she failed to make payments on a loan she took out at 97.74% interest? See that story here:

I didn’t post what her State Farm salary was then, now I am going to since she claims she is barely middle class and just trying to get by. This is what her salary was in 2019, it is likely higher in 2022:

$2085.68 x 26 weeks = $54,227.68 3 years ago. If she only received 2% raises a year she is now close to $58,000. Add $6800 a year as a Trustee. Chemberly is finding is impossible as a single women to live on about $65,000 a year. She had to struggle to vote yes on increasing water rates.


Keep in mind, this woman spends YOUR money. She can’t handle her own finances but Normal re-elected her to spend theirs. Citizens of Normal deserve her.








14 thoughts on “The Chemberly Chronicles

  1. If I didn’t know better I would say she’s teeing up for a discrimination law suit? Or has she already gone down that road? State Farm is ripe for the picking right now.

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  2. “Jake from State Farm” needs to be told that a government official is telling the world that State Farm does not pay a living wage. This is very bad PR. I agree Chemberly is setting up for a lawsuit. Now, if State Farm confronts her or her job is somehow eliminated, she will claim retaliation and the suits will start. WOW

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  3. The reason I wouldn’t ask her anything is because she lacks intelligence. Her comments at town council meetings demonstrate that. So I don’t blame them for ignoring her. Someone should tell her she’s in good company though. The staff and council don’t ask the tax paying citizens anything either.

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  4. When diversity means more than qualifications and intelligence you get employees and council members like this. You need to hire them to fill a quota and then you can’t fire them because you will be in court for “racial discrimination” if you do. So you end up paying them, putting up with them, and hope someday they will leave for better “do nothing” job. When you hire a black person, you are hiring a race card that may be played on you and your company at any time. Yup… hire a black woman and you need to send a large retainer to an attorney. You will be needing him/her at some point when the race card is slammed down on the table and you are in court.

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  5. It’s interesting how many times she had to catch herself. Making ends meet…in the middle class.

    She makes it seem like she is working 3 full-time jobs. And that she is working them…to maintain her prior lifestyle when she was married. Your lifestyle is generally different when two incomes are sharing major expenses. Has Ms. Cummings downsized her living arrangements or sought out a roommate?


  6. Well the racist are out and about on here. Trouble2 wrote the most racist screed I’ve ever read.

    This is very typical for someone who thinks it’s her job to sit on her fat ass writing slander. Who hasn’t had problems paying bills? Just about everyone. To dig up something and insinuate that someone is a bad person is just beyond the pale. Perhaps she was going to a very bad patch in her life who knows? Anyone could be going through a divorce or death in the family or any life situation. You would be the last person to know.

    I also find it telling that you’re slamming her for being responsible while wearing a mask because she’s sick. COVID is not over. It’s particularly not over for those who aren’t vaccinated, which includes you I would think….


  7. Why was she there if she was sick? Does’t she know Covid is not stopped by the mask she was wearing? She even took her mask off to speak spreading more germs! How insensitive of her to put all those people at risk of exposure. I hope she took a Covid test before she went there…….Wait, she is a Democrat where hypocrisy
    does not exist. Could you imagine the outrage if Stan Nord went there as sick as she was?

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  8. I’d like to know how someone working three jobs has even a minute to pay attention, or give a thought, to the minutia of city government. So is being on the council a fourth “job”? It appears to me she’s either shooting from the hip (an aspiring actress, this one!) or whether she’s just a rubber stamp for Koos & co.

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