Jeff Crabill and State Farm

By:  Diane Benjamin

State Farm is currently conducting employee training about participating in protests.  The will fire any employee involved in what they consider uncivil protests.  State Farm has a financial stake since they insure many people and businesses.

Jeff Crabill is a lawyer for State Farm.  Even though there was a large gathering yesterday of people from every race, Crabill still wants you to believe we are racist country.

Do they approve of their lawyer calling for understanding because the country is racist?

crabill rant

Does State Farm approve of Crabill marching in a Black Lives Matter shirt and carrying a sign?  Do his co-workers feel safe around him?


What about his rant he evidently copied from Jenn Carrillo?  Anybody feel intimidated?  Do the local police feel they are targeted?  What does a corporate lawyer know about policing?


How many claims is State Farm handling today because of the violence?

State Farm is very serious about firing employees they feel break the rules.  They need to know what their lawyer is up to.


11 thoughts on “Jeff Crabill and State Farm

  1. This clown represents my ward I saw through him early on and did not vote for him unfortunately the majority’s of people in my ward did not do their homework how sad that we are stuck with this idiot until the next election. He is so passionate about his cause if state farm does not fire him they need to relocate him to the south side of Chicago where he can put his stupid thoughts into action.
    Mr Crabill I am against looting and burning and I am also against racism what does that make me?

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    1. The mantra used by his radical associates in BLM and Democratic Socialists of America is, “When we fight, we win.” That says it all.

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  2. Had a kid, J.P. Bowling claiming to be a State Farm Help Desk employee threatened me as he said he was going to obtain my home address through my IP address. Awhile later, he sends me pics of my house taken by driving my my residence. He also gives me my full address. No big thing normally, where he crossed the line us thar he threatened to give out my address to those people doing all the looting and damage in town. So, I called State Farmand reached the Dallas hub, and they transferred me to a guy living in Lexington., IL. He is a CSM , a very pleasant guy, and he couldn’t find this guy in his Company directory. I then looked closer at this guys Facebook page, and he references Aero 44, and I’m betting he’s an Aerotek Staffing employee working at State Farm. Be wary of this guy, I’d bet he’s affiliated with Antifa or some other radical group.


  3. Just my opinion… As someone who is familiar with State Farm’s annual Code of Conduct Training I do find this article rather interesting. If I worked at State Farm with Jeff I’m not sure I would feel comfortable due to his far left beliefs and the potential intimidation factor. He would bring to the table. But more interesting is the fact that as a lawyer he should be a professional and act like one. Maybe he is not a very good one so he isn’t capable of acting like a professional which brings me to my next thought. How many lawyers across this country were out protesting and associating themselves with people like Jen who openly condoned the violence that happened in our community? Again, good thing Jeff is a corporate lawyer because otherwise he might not be a lawyer. Thanks State Farm for creating a career for this guy cause otherwise I’m not sure he would have one. I wouldn’t hire him if he were in the private sector. Just sayin! There is an ethics code for lawyers as well. I’m sure his peers are pleased as punch with him! Glad I’m not his peer!

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  4. LOL! One more quick thought. Think about this…State Farm’s slogan…Like a Good Neighbor”. Hey Jeff Crabill how is it that you work for a company that supports good neighbors and restoring good neighbors but yet you support civil disobedience, looting and destruction? Maybe you work for the wrong company. I call on State Farm to show they are a good neighbor and remove the bad neighbors! There is a way to get your message out and it certainly isn’t by condoning acts of violence or being a part of a group that supports violence

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    1. Nothing wrong with that – or am I misremembering their old slogan?
      “Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm Promotes Violence!”


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