What you get when good people don’t run and the rest don’t vote

17 black victims


Systematic racism does not exist in America as proven above.  There are individual incidents that require the law to hold all accountable.  We are a nation of laws not knee- jerk reactions to move an agenda forward.

This is the same guy wanting dangerous criminals released from the County jail so they don’t get sick from COVID even though the jail has no cases.

Never letting a good crisis go to waste is Socialist Democrat Alderman Jeff Crabill:

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17 thoughts on “What you get when good people don’t run and the rest don’t vote

  1. The content and cadence of Crabill’s pontification sound more like Jenn Carrillo or Olivia Butts.

    1. That is because Jenn posted it first, carbon copied her minion Jeff, and since he can’t do anything on his own, he just copied and pasted….

    2. There is good reason for that…..it was her letter that SHE sent to Jeff and the rest of the council…..I’m sure Jeff had to ask permission from HER to post it on FB….Crabill doesn’t have the guts to do anything on his own

  2. Well, this diatribe by another of our local carpetbaggers proves you don’t have to be that intelligent to be an attorney. Hey Indiana Jones, why don’t you try to be a real contributor to the community instead of trying to divide it. Better yet, go back to Fort Wayne and clean that up a bit. Last time I drove through look like it was in need of some help. Better yet, take in some of local less fortunate and house and feed them on the exhorbitent check SF deposits in your account every week. Evil capitalist organization. Better yet, just shut your goofy mouth for a while.

    1. Point of information – Jeff Crabill contributes to the community and volunteers for various organizations.

  3. he/him/his…lol. every time i see something like this it reminds me what type of mind it comes from…confused.

  4. Another uninformed simpleton. Once again, I must point out for Mr. Crabill, Ms. Carillo, and anyone else who doesn’t pay attention, the death of Tony Timpa at the hands of a Dallas Police Officer, with other officers watching. White officers, white victim. I’m sorry that doesn’t fit your agenda, but I prefer the truth over ideology. What good are you to your constituents if you are so ill informed? Why don’t you keep your ignorance and your racism to yourselves, please? I’m begging you.

  5. Dear Communist Revolutionary Jeff,

    It appears that George Floyd (from the autopsy report) did not die from a cop knee on his neck but from heart disease compounded by drug use.

    So the protests (riots) that you are so vigorously legitimizing are about the outrage of a black man dying of natural and self-inflicted causes?

    Let me repeat that: George Floyd did not die by the hands of a white cop. He died from Natural and Self-Inflicted life style choices.

    Please move to Cuba Jeff,

    Trouble 2

  6. I’ve attempted commenting 3 times. Curious why it hasn’t been approved.

    Even 17 deaths is too many innocent lives taken. What I find truly shocking is the rate. One of the stats that your source linked to () highlights that black Americans are killed by police at a rate that is twice as high as the rate for white Americans. This is particularly shocking because black Americans account for less than 13 percent of the U.S. population. This is proof that systemic racism DOES exist.

    1. I didn’t post it because what you saying isn’t accurate. Those 17 weren’t necessarily innocent of anything. The other stats are for armed criminals. You can stop now, the police deserve to go home in one piece. What some facts about police murdered on the job?

      1. Maybe those 17 weren’t innocent but they were unarmed, and are considered innocent until proven guilty. They still had the right to a trial. I disagree with your reference of the other individuals being “armed criminals”. Being in possession of a gun is not a crime and does not automatically make someone a criminal – thanks to the 2nd amendment we all have the right to bear arms! Toy guns and vehicles are also listed as weapons in this database – so if you’re pulled over while driving, you’re automatically considered to be in possession of a weapon (vehicle).

        I agree with you though – many police do their job wonderfully and deserve to go home safely. There are some bad apples in the bunch, and recent events are not the first of their kind, and sadly they won’t be the last.
        I believe in racial equality AND am thankful for police officers.

        1. Police just shot people with guns without them pointing the guns at them or endangering someone else? Get serious. There are bad cops, there are bad people everywhere. We don’t need condemnation for any group of people. We also don’t need to protect the bad.

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