Who instigated the looters?

If I can ever get a video editor to work, I will show you,  Meanwhile the below are the tragic results of people who think they are entitled to an uncivilized society:

Walmart closed

Please frequent this business, the story is heartbreaking.  The address is 606 N Clinton in Bloomington.

annie 1annie 2

6 thoughts on “Who instigated the looters?

  1. Annie and Kenny: If possible, board up shop and move from here and start some place else where people really care about your service. BN has become a running joke. It’s largest employer is downsizing here because they know the future here holds no promise. Weak leaders scared of their own shadows, police departments deballed by two mayors who dont even know what their real sex is, thugs and racists on the city councils who are really anarchists, a governor concerned only with Chicago, carpetbaggers from the four corners of the country who have taken over the local governments, a local economy in the ****can, organized labor leadership who are frankly communists and hope everyday this country becomes the old USSR, a wink and a nod to reverse racism at every opportunity. I feel sorry for you both, I really do but you just got played because you are kind hearted and hard working. The modern-day BN wants nothing to do with people like you. The criminal element rules the day and is now in control. Leadership in BN was always non-existent. Now everyone knows.


    1. Hard to disagree. This is heartbreaking. I feel for Annie and Kenny. Like me, I hope they can escape from BN. The community is indeed in a downward spiral. I’m not sure there are many communities of BN’s size, not neighboring major metropolitan cities, that have seen this level of looting, vandalism, and destruction. BN “leadership” always leads with ideology, no matter how void of reasonable and rational thinking. Years of ignoring the warning signs of a one-dimensional economy, go along to get along governing that maligned any reasonable dissent and/or outside the box thinking, top-down we know what’s best for you, shut up and take it attitude toward governance, and appeasement and downright support for radicals in government and quasi-government agency leadership positions have set the stage of what’s happening in BN. While I hope the Annies and Kennys of BN can rebuild and confront this community devolution, I suspect (like myself) they will simply leave for a community that will embrace their business and its ethos. Sad.

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    1. Matekja is glad it happened. Shows anyone who doesn’t think like him or Lenin who is boss. He probably had the police scanner on giggling and dreaming of the 1960s. He is one of the instigators of this type of race violence and dreams of the day the Socialist Workers Party or Socialist Laborers Party take over. You can throw the Penn Family in there too. All these phoney blow bags brought this to you gift wrapped. Power to the people, man.

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      1. Agreed, he’s trouble, always has been. This city needs a major revamping, as does Normal. This stuff is even hitting small towns now, like REALLY small towns, and it’s on the MAYORS and the Governor, NOT Trump to get control of the situation.

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