Video: Target

By:  Diane Benjamin

Chris Koos was on WJBC this morning saying the police had to stand down because they were outnumbered.  Reports are police vehicles were damaged.  Taxpayers in Normal will get the bill.

This was filmed by a person who refused to participate.





13 thoughts on “Video: Target

  1. Well, they are who we thought they were. I would like to extend a word of thanks to the Chamber of Commerce, Julie Dobski, Tom Hamilton, IPA, our city and town councils, past and present mayors, local men and women of the cloth, the local gay community and others who thought it was such a great idea to bring a sampling of Chicago to BN. A job well done.

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  2. Proof the police force no longer is to serve and protect, instead it is merely meant to provide revenue to the city. They did nothing to stop this. Why not at least use tear gas and rubber bullets maybe a water canon? No the police needed to stay safe so they could collect fees from speeders and those who stand up to Pritzker. What a disgrace.

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    1. Don’t forget, taxpayer dollars have been paying for private security at the Rivian plant. Not a friend of government? Well, you can fend for yourself. Unreal.


  3. I noticed On Facebook many Latinos are out raged by what is taking place in our community. I also noticed the local faith based Marxist Sonny Garcia has the anarchist flag posted on his Facebook profile and has a couple posts attacking Latinos who don’t support the looting as being racists. Sonny they know Evil when they see it.

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  4. Well if they hadn’t spent all the money on uppity town, then they could have afforded an LRAC device. You know, one of them sound cannon things that can disperse large groups of unruly people?


  5. It alll goes back to Lyndon Johnson. The seeds were planted then . Our government,over those 4 decades has fostered the dissemination of the family unit. The Great Society is a major failure. As for today’s riots, our police are being hogtied by their superiors. The superiors are being directed by the socialist elite. My guess is ,until the police can police, be prepared. Very sad day for america

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  6. Outnumbered? hahahahah. That’s where tactics, training, leadership and resolve win the day…….apparently they had none of those. What a crock.


  7. This should have been nipped in the bud from the start. Rubber bullets, water cannon, pepper spray etc. If I were black I would be ashamed that most of these easily led were black youth. Product of bad parenting (if any), school indoctrination, a society that has failed them. Take a look were the riots have occurred, democratic led cities. Sad week for America. This had nothing to do with the death of a black man.

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