Update: Two things you might have missed

Change it to three things – see below.

By:  Diane Benjamin

Sometimes I see local news on Facebook and just assume the local press will report it.  I don’t think they reported this one:

State Farm on pace to lose car-insurance crown

If recent trends persist, Geico will overtake State Farm as the country’s largest auto insurer around 2022.

25 thoughts on “Update: Two things you might have missed

  1. There are a lot of ways to measure “who’s #1” in car insurance – but it’s usually talked about in terms of the number of cars insured. Tipsord had to make a lot of tough decisions. He takes a lot of heat, and he’s not warm & fuzzy like Ed. But he’s doing what has to be done. People say “SF isn’t the same company it used to be” and they blame it on Tipsord. But it CAN’T be the same company it used to be. And I believe Tipsord is doing what has to be done: being profitable is more important than insuring the most cars – because being profitable means being able to keep their promises to their customers. And…..that’s what keeps them in business and strong in our community.

    1. B.S. From an employee of 36 years and customer for 50 years. Simply need more funds to continue the migration of home office out of Bloomington. Thus claims service and rates have to be manipulated in a manner that financially aids the migration, while harming the customer. Plus as the migration continues, more and more external contract employees and more part-time/30 hour work week employees get hired at the three new locations in the south-southwestern offices. There’s next to no employee benefits provided by the company for external and part time employees, resulting
      in a financial boon for the company. Meanwhile rates and service for the customer suffers.

      1. Jeff: No one does denial better than BN. BN is changing economically and politically and not for the better. It is better for most people to cope by ignoring what is happening around them than to confront it and deal with it. The dye was caste years ago but no one wanted to face reality. Reality is at the doorstep and no one has a clue how to address it.

    2. All legacy insurance companies are being disrupted as I write this. Anyone who thinks that State Farm or the rest of the insurance companies from the 20th Century are not going to be vastly different from the way they are now is sadly clueless to the realities of 21st Century exponential technological change. Companies like State Farm with its sloth-like slowness (and reluctance) to change are hamstrung by Goliath-like bureaucracies and corporate cultures that brutally stifle innovators. Some of the legacy insurance companies are adapting better than others. State Farm is not fundamentally changing and is in fact doubling down on their Agent Centered business model. They even make ads trying to make fun of technology while assuring everyone that they really DO want to talk to an agent. I guess they haven’t bother to talk to anyone under 35 years old lately? It takes minutes to sign up for insurance on a smartphone with Lemonade https://www.lemonade.com/ but State Farm says I need to talk to one of their agents? Really? I don’t think so….

      1. Well said. SF advertising campaigns have always be ignorant and quite frankly insulting to most people’s intelligence. The fools upstairs think they are funny and clever. The company has never had a problem making fun of its competition but actually the campaigns make SF look stupid. But as you have stated, SF’s problems are bigger than an advertising campaigns.

      2. Spot on Trouble2 and MPeabody. State Farm is in bad structural shape and is likely to be disrupted by smaller, more nimble competitors in the future. They spend more money on ad campaigns and lobbying to prevent competition from tech startups like Lemonade than they do actually innovating and adjusting for the future. MT is having to make tough choices, no question, I just don’t think he’s making many good ones. State Farm is sitting on a pile of cash and liquid assets (Wall Street investments) and has no clue how to invest the money in new technology. (They have no vision for the future of their industry, which is ironic since innovative thinking is what launched State Farm.) It’s like they’re saving for a rainy day, but are ignoring the flooding outside their windows. I have my fingers crossed and am rooting for SF, but my intuition says it’s not looking good long term.

      1. Let’s see she’s promoting three local business in Downtown Bloomington. How is that crazy or “unprofessional”? Geez, talk about clutching your pearls in horror, she made a herbal cigarette! Every time you write about nonsense like that it makes YOU seem crazy not her.

  2. Crazy Jenn is the very, very dark face of Illinois’ future. Demographic changes, voter fraud, corruption and a overwhelmingly Leftist education system make that inevitable.

    As Conservatives, as Christians, as people who have provided for ourselves and accumulated some level of wealth, we MUST begin thinking and preparing for the inevitable. Start thinking the unthinkable, personally and nationally, because those times are almost here. Just look at Bernie’s poll numbers.

  3. Jenn represents a portion of Bloomington residents, about the 350 who voted for her. Any business that wishes to locate here or whishes to expand needs to know the real makeup of the City. Elected officials are the face of the City.

      1. There is sarcasm in my comment. She was elected by 44 votes over Karen Schmidt. Jenn claims to vote for the best interest of the entire community when in fact, her appearance and behavior represent 350 people in Ward 6. Many of her supporters have since abandoned her. She makes a mockery of this community. Those “witch sticks” have removed her from reality.

      2. Don’t forget that she attacked and threatened a soon-to-be opened cafe in downtown. She did that on a public FB page. She did that without contacting the owners before she went off the rails. This evidence of her total lack of judgment is huge!

  4. In my opinion, Jenn is extremely unprofessional and her childish antics on the City Council are at times reprehensible. However, every time she (or is it “they”, I’m not on this pc stuff) posts something like this to our official account or acts out on the City Council, she’s drawing negative attention to herself and otherwise aiding her future opponent. In a strange weird way, I’m hoping she does more of this. She continues to overplay her hand IMO.

    1. Jenn’s Alderman FB page is set up by her not the City. Having said that, using that page to promote nonsense reflects on the Council and City. She routinely exhibits poor judgment.

  5. Imagine if you will a family , mom,dad and their 2.5 children in another state looking at Bloomington Illinois as a relocation spot. Mom goes to FB Bloomington and sees what? Jen with her wacky weed . Jen, the City council member smoking her wacky weed! Does the city of Bloomington really think mom is thinking ” Wow,what a great place to relocate? No,mom is thinking “I am NOT about to go anywhere near Bloomington Ill with a city council member who is high as a kite!” Great advert there Jen!

  6. Jenn feeds on negative attitudes, as she has dealt with them her WHOLE life, –Illegal citizen, alternative lifestyles, etc not to mention her clothes and “body jewelry”.. She probably don’t possess the where with all to relay ANY positive messages, which probably comes for all the crap she smokes, which is about the same stuff one cleans out from under the mower after cutting the grass. And she just keeps getting worse..

  7. Our only option is to impeach J.C. Gomez, so she can’t run for re-election.
    The grounds for impeachment: Treason and sedition.
    Twenty five years in an Alaskan Gulag.
    Welcome to Socialism, Jenn

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